Celebrate Grandma and Grandpa With These Affordable Heartfelt Gifts

This mom shares her gift ideas for Grandparents Day.

They go by many names: Papa, Mimi, Granny, Grandma, Grandfather. No matter what you call them though, every September brings about National Grandparents Day (Sept. 9) and with it, the chance for your kids to tell these very special people how much they are loved.

If you ask any grandparent what they want, they’ll likely tell you that what they’d appreciate most is a simple homemade card, phone call or spending the day with their grandkids. So, before you rush out to buy some fancy gift, consider doing something heartfelt that’s also affordable.

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‘All About My Grandma (or Grandpa)’ Questionnaire

This is a fun, completely free way to get your kids to share what they think they know about Grandpa and Grandma. All you need to do is ask them questions and have them write down their answers. Try things such as: What color are Grandma’s eyes? How old is Grandpa? What is it that they love to do? You’ll get some fun answers that will certainly bring a smile to your folks’ faces.

Handprint Artwork

Get out the paint and have some fun. There are so many options here. Create a handprint tree and use fingerprints to make apples. Do flowers or butterflies or something unique. Your kids will love getting a little messy, and Grandma and Grandpa will love having a piece of artwork that captures those hands at that little size forever. Add a frame to transform it into a masterpiece.

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Blowing Kisses Canvas

Who doesn’t love a picture of their grandchild? Don’t just frame it — turn it into something special. Take a picture of your child’s profile blowing kisses out of their hand. Add some hearts fluttering up, and you’ve got a special creation filled with love. If you need a tutorial, you can check out how to make a blowing kisses canvas on my site.

Volunteer Together

It is important to help others. Grandparents and their grandkids can learn this together by volunteering their time. Check with your local organizations and see what you can do. Consider helping out at a soup kitchen, assembling goody bags for the homeless or picking out toys for less-fortunate children for the upcoming holiday season.

Plan a Game Day

Dig out the checkers, chess and cards. Plan a day filled with the games Grandma played when she was growing up. Have her teach the kids a new card game. Challenge Grandpa to a game of Parcheesi. They’ll love the nostalgia and your kids will finally unglue their faces from their electronic devices.

Cook Them Dinner

If Grandpa and Grandma live nearby, invite them over for dinner. There’s no need to take them to eat. Get the kids involved and make them their favorite meal. There is nothing quite like a gift that warms the heart and the stomach.

Put on a Show

Have your kids come up with a talent show to put on for Grandpa and Grandma. They can dance, sing, play the drums — whatever they want to do. Just don’t forget to film it so that the family can relive it each year.

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Go for a Walk Followed by a Picnic

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Go for a walk with Grandpa and Grandma. Then, when you reach your destination, sit down and enjoy a picnic together.

Say ‘I Love You’

Sometimes the miles between the kids and grandparents can make it difficult to celebrate National Grandparents Day. Take the time to make a call (or better yet, a video chat) with them. Just hearing you say “I love you” is all they really want.

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