SNAP Update: West Virginia Is Accepting Applications for $200 School Clothing Vouchers

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Certain low-income families in West Virginia will begin receiving electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards pre-loaded with $200 to be used toward the purchase of clothing — or materials for families who sew clothing — for their school aged children.

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The following households will automatically receive the benefits, according to an article published by West Virginia Public Broadcasting:

Other Families May Apply for Benefits

If you think you may be eligible for the School Clothing Allowance, you can apply online at WVPath.org. The deadline for applications is July 31, 2022 and applications will only be accepted between July 1 and July 31, according to WVPath.org.

Eligible applicants may include families who received the School Clothing Allowance in 2021 and currently qualify for Medicaid coverage, who should receive the application automatically in the mail. Other families, based on their household size and total income, may qualify. You can request an application by mail from your local DHHR office or by calling 877-716-1212.

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What You Should Know About WV SCA Program

EBT funds must be used by October 31, 2022. Clothing purchased with SCA funds are exempt from sales tax. Some retailers offer discounts for customers using the program, although a current list is not yet available online. Retailers who accept EBT cash transactions, including online retailers, will accept the clothing vouchers. Clothing cannot be returned for cash, but can be exchanged according to the retailer’s exchange rules.

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