Summer’s Craziest Dessert? This $120 Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

You can pair it with this disco cocktail that costs even more.

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You could buy a new Amazon Echo — or you could splurge on the biggest and priciest ice cream sandwich you’ve ever seen. For $120, live like Cardi B and try the giant ice cream sandwich cake from Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in New York City.

What originally started out as just a normal-sized ice cream sandwich blew up into this behemoth cake at the request of the BET-nominated artist, as a special treat for her guests at her album release party.

The cost might seem a bit high, but no one ever said being a foodie was cheap.

The ice cream sandwich cake ended up being so popular that Magic Hour decided to move it to its permanent menu. The decadent¬†dessert is made with three layers of ice cream — strawberry, chocolate and vanilla — and covered in rainbow sprinkles.

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If sweets aren’t really your vibe, you can still live the high life by spending $250 on a cocktail served in a disco ball. The Disco Ball For All cocktail uses half a bottle of Absolut Elyx and a full bottle of Bajan Tiki Punch to give 15 people a good kick. And the edible orchids on top give it that perfect taste of summer.

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Now all you have to do is score a plane ticket to New York to try out these treats yourself.

And if you’ve got even more money to spare, you can make a worldwide adventure out of this trip.

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