Summer’s Craziest Dessert? This $120 Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

You can pair it with this disco cocktail that costs even more.

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You could buy a new Amazon Echo — or you could splurge on the biggest and priciest ice cream sandwich you’ve ever seen. For $120, live like Cardi B and try the giant ice cream sandwich cake from Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in New York City.

What originally started out as just a normal-sized ice cream sandwich blew up into this behemoth cake at the request of the BET-nominated artist, as a special treat for her guests at her album release party.

The cost might seem a bit high, but no one ever said being a foodie was cheap.

The ice cream sandwich cake ended up being so popular that Magic Hour decided to move it to its permanent menu. The decadent dessert is made with three layers of ice cream — strawberry, chocolate and vanilla — and covered in rainbow sprinkles.

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If sweets aren’t really your vibe, you can still live the high life by spending $250 on a cocktail served in a disco ball. The Disco Ball For All cocktail uses half a bottle of Absolut Elyx and a full bottle of Bajan Tiki Punch to give 15 people a good kick. And the edible orchids on top give it that perfect taste of summer.

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Now all you have to do is score a plane ticket to New York to try out these treats yourself.

And if you’ve got even more money to spare, you can make a worldwide adventure out of this trip.

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