After-Christmas Sales at Target: Electronics, Toys and More

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The amount of money consumers spend on holiday shopping is steadily increasing and major retailers like Target view after-Christmas sales as the final round of the 2017 retail sales rush. These after-Christmas deals are an opportunity to pick up gifts and goodies at discounted prices.

Whether you’re looking for items that were in short supply before the holiday, or simply out to treat yourself with special bargains, the Target after-Christmas sale 2017 features all kinds of post-holiday deals.

Target Electronics After-Christmas Sales

Many after-Christmas sales feature electronics and their accessories. From computers and televisions to digital movies and video games, Target Christmas sales promise low-cost electronic items to fit the tastes — and pocketbooks — of all consumers. Many of the items on sale after the holiday were in short supply during the regular season rush, and this is another opportunity to get them.

  • Cameras and accessories: The digital cameras and camcorders were popular during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. These make excellent choices for after-Christmas sale purchases as well.
  • Low-cost video games: Target is one of the few companies offering top-rated video games such as “Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2” for under $30, and after-Christmas sales will provide even deeper price cuts.
  • HD television deals: Target is also offering plenty of TV deals, including 47-inch Magnavox TVs for $879, and 48-inch VIZIO LED Smart HDTVs for $359.

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Target Health and Beauty After-Christmas Sales

Before the big holiday, most people are busy picking out gifts for others, but they’re also taking note of items for themselves. A few of the products that are piquing the interest of makeup lovers this year include:

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Target Home Furnishings and Appliances After-Christmas Sales

Price discounts on items in every category will be offered when the post-Christmas sales begin at Target this year. Bedding, appliances and furniture for every room are high on shoppers’ wish lists — and there are sure to be budget-friendly gifts for everyone. Although the best after-Christmas sales are still emerging, you can look for great bargains on things such as:

  • Smart home technology: Homes are becoming connected in ways that could not have been imagined a decade ago. Target deals on smart technology cover everything from home security and alarms to comfort and ease of access. Examples of smart technology include wireless thermostats, nursery monitors, energy-efficient lighting and more.
  • Kitchen products: Everyone’s kitchens will benefit from holiday deals at Target. Between deals like Keurig coffee makers sale-priced under $90 and KitchenAid stainless steel cookware sets for $124.99, Target has everything you need — for every occasion — priced to move in their after-Christmas sale.
  • Bedroom furniture: For the bedroom, Target has selected a range of products to keep your family comfortable. Products being offered include the Anna Vanity Set, regularly priced at $169.99 but expected to retail for only $127.49 after Christmas; a handy storage bench by Golding Davis that will be reduced from $89.99 to only $69.49; and a Gilford two-drawer nightstand marked down to $127.49.

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Target Toys After-Christmas Sales

Toys and games for all ages is another area where the deals are going to be impressive in Target’s day after-Christmas sale prices. Popular items like Lego sets and Minion toys should see exceptionally low prices. Other deals to look for include:

  • Riding toys: Scooters, hoverboards and other riding toys are all selling well this Christmas season, and Target’s after-Christmas sale prices will be offering discounts up to 20 percent on many types, including the Jetson V12 All-Terrain Electra-Light Hoverboard, which was discounted to only $239.99 for Black Friday, and is expected to continue to sell for around that price in after-Christmas specials.
  • Toys for toddlers: Little Tikes is a popular manufacturer of toys for small children, and one of Target’s best children’s offerings after Christmas. The final sale prices are not yet available, but their Black Friday sale prices are expected to be similar. The Little Tikes remote control bumper cars — which were priced at $29.99 in pre-Christmas offerings — and Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, marked down to only $49.49 — could see similar deals.
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Target Online Exclusive After-Christmas Sales

Forbes is reporting that a record-setting $6.6 billion has already been spent in online Christmas shopping this year — this record amount is only going to grow as more people take advantage of the ability to shop from the comfort of home.

Target is meeting the demand for online sales by offering a wide assortment of products at lower prices than even their in-store sales can match — this includes major discounts similar to what was offered following the Black Friday sales, as well as special sale items that go beyond the in-store offers. When it comes to after-Christmas sales, 2017 is going to be a year for the record books.

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