This Dog Breed Has Sold for Over a Million Dollars Multiple Times

Your dog could cost more than your house.

The unconditional love you receive from man’s best friend is priceless. But you’ll likely have to pony up some cash if you want a dog in your life permanently, and if you’re purchasing one from a reputable breeder, that initial fee can be substantial.

No matter how much your furry friend costs, though, you probably won’t pay as much as one wealthy Chinese businessman, who coughed up nearly $2 million for a Tibetan mastiff at a “luxury pet” fair in 2014, according to the Qianjiang Evening News.

The price likely made the pup the most expensive one ever sold at the time.

Tibetan mastiffs are a notoriously pricey breed. In 2011, one 11-month-old red mastiff by the name of “Big Splash” reportedly sold for 10 million yuan, or $1.5 million. Another one was sold for $600,000 to a Chinese woman in 2009.

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The breed’s fluffy, lionesque manes and intimidating size made them an attractive breed for Chinese luxury pet owners on the hunt for the “perfect dog.” In the heyday of China’s Tibetan mastiff craze, the dogs were viewed as prized status symbols among the country’s elite due to their rarity and pure bloodline.

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Mastiff breeders nowadays suffer from overcapacity, and the average asking price for these once-desirable dogs runs for close to just $2,000, but many breeders are willing to sell them for far less, according to The New York Times.

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