I Teach People How to Live Frugally but I Just Bought a $1,200 Cat

Sometimes a splurge is worth it.

I consider myself a frugal person. Watching our savings account grow gives me a feeling of security for myself and my family. I try my best to limit expenses and get the most bang for my buck. I even share money-saving tips online.

Yet, just this January, my husband and I spent $1,200 on a Bengal kitten.

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I bet you’re wondering why a penny-pinching person like myself would spend $1,200 on a cat. Everyone knows that cats can be adopted for free (or a low fee) at local shelters. Spending any amount of money to purchase a cat, let alone enough to cover a mortgage payment, seems absurd.

To be honest, when my husband first mentioned purchasing a $1,200 Bengal kitten, I was completely against the idea. But after thinking about the idea, I came around.

Why We Wanted a Bengal Kitten

A little backstory is necessary here. Our family already had one Bengal, Xena, that we had been given by my husband’s sister. Xena is a playful, loving and affectionate cat that quickly become a part of our family. If we were to get another cat, there was no question that she too would be a Bengal.

Bengal cats are the result of crossbreeding domestic shorthairs with Asian leopard cats. They are known for their exotic spotted coats, energetic nature and high intelligence. It is not uncommon to be able to teach Bengals tricks, such as how to play catch.

Another great thing about the Bengal cat breed is that they have very minimal shedding. Not only is this great for furniture, but it is great for people with allergies, as well. Even though my husband is allergic to cats, Bengals do not cause him to have any allergic reaction.

They are also known for being great with children. Our infant son loves Xena. He watches her, smiles at her and babbles at her. She is gentle with him and simply walks away if he is bothering her too much. I knew that having another cat for him to play with would make him even happier.

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It Is OK to Splurge Sometimes

My husband and I work hard to support our family and save money. Other than our mortgage, we are debt-free. We put away money for retirement and have a healthy amount of money stashed away in our savings account to fall back on in case of an emergency.

I realized that as much as I want to save every dollar that comes in, it is important to splurge sometimes on the things that make us happy.

Posted by Crayons & Cravings on Monday, May 14, 2018


A few weeks — and $1,200 — later we welcomed Khaleesi, a beautiful snow Bengal, into our home. I would consider that money well-spent. Khaleesi is sweet, loving, playful and great with our son. She brings our family joy and happiness that will continue for years to come.

How can you put a price tag on that?

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