7 Gorgeous Engagement Rings You Can Buy at Costco (for Less Than You Think)


One thing you may have never expected to find at Costco — a place where we commonly go to stock up on things like paper towels and peanut butter pretzels — is a stunning collection of jewelry, including engagement rings. And yet, right there in the fluorescent center of it all is a dazzling display of bedecked baubles and gems with diamonds so bright you might have to blink twice to shake off the flash. 

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They may be sold at a place where you can also buy rotisserie chicken and a 30-roll of Kirkland toilet paper, but quality-wise, engagement rings at Costco are the real deal, and not of any lesser quality than what you may find at a more directly upscale shop. What they can be, however, is less expensive. 

Costco Is Scrappier Than Dedicated Jewelry Stores 

“How does Costco sell diamonds for less?  Simply contrast their ‘jewelry store’ to one in the mall,” said Corey Noyes, owner and financial advisor at Balanced Capital. “Way less real estate.  No dedicated salespeople. No low margin items like watches clogging up the space. In essence, Costco sells diamonds, just like anything else they sell.  They put them on display, and let you choose what you want.”

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Costco Rings Are Not ‘Cheap’ 

Costco may be the ultimate discount destination for the average shopper, but its rings, which could be slightly less expensive than those retailing at uppity competitors, aren’t for the faint of cash. This is because they’re quality gems.  

“Costco simply does not sell low quality diamonds,” Noyes said. “In technical terms, you will have a hard time finding anything graded lower than a VS2 in clarity and G in color. In nontechnical terms, that’s a very nice diamond. You would really struggle to see any flaws with your naked eye.”

Reasonable (but not cheap) pricing, immaculate quality and free returns make Costco a top choice for those ready to pop the question. But which ring to choose? GOBankingRates scoured Costco’s site to find the best-priced diamond rings that are nothing short of stunning. 

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Emerald Cut White Gold Ring 

The Emerald Cut & Round Brilliant 1 ct. VS2 Clarity, I Color Diamond 14kt White Gold Ring goes for $999.99. “It’s currently $500 off and a great price for a 1 ct. diamond ring, as it’s also near-colorless,” said Julie Ramhold consumer analyst at DealNews.com. This chunky gem has a diamond weight of 1.00 ctw.

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A remarkably similar ring goes for nearly $1,900 at Zales — and that’s on sale! 

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White Gold Clover Ring 

The Round Brilliant 1 ct. VS2 Clarity, H Color Diamond, 14kt White Gold Clover Ring retails at Costco for $1,199.99. Ramhold deems this one to be a slightly better color than the previous example. “It also offers a unique shape that differs from the standard sort of engagement rings often seen,” she said. This bauble, reminiscent of a lucky clover, sports 17 individual diamonds. And it’s less expensive than a less elegant diamond clover style engagement ring sold at Walmart for over $2,700. 

Pear Shape Yellow Gold Ring 

The Pear Shape 3.25 ct Mint Tourmaline & Diamond 18kt Yellow Gold Ring costs $3,699.99 at Costco. That’s certainly a lot, but consider that other pear-shaped diamond rings can make that number look small. For instance, one from Savransky Private Jeweler goes for $21,970. Costco’s offering gives a chartreuse spin on the traditional diamond engagement ring. It touts a total diamond weight of 1.26 ctw. 

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Princess Cut 2.50 ctw Platinum Halo Ring 

The Princess Cut 2.50 ctw VS2 Clarity, I Color Diamond Platinum Halo Wedding Set is a show stopper that is perfect for a future fiancée who wants to turn heads with their bling. Priced at just under $4,000, this ring surely isn’t cheap, but it’s made with 950 platinum metal and flaunts 38 diamonds. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot less than a visually comparable ring from King of Jewelry, which goes for over $30,000. 

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Princess Cut 0.75 ctw Platinum Halo Ring

“The Princess Cut 0.75 ctw VS2 Clarity, I Color Diamond Platinum Halo Ring for $1,599.99 is a really lovely ring that has a nice vintage look so it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys classic jewelry,” Ramhold said. “It’s a good alternative if you can’t find an actual vintage ring to buy, or if the ones you do find are more expensive.”

Indeed vintage style rings can cost quite a bit more than Costco’s rendition. One vintage art deco style ring on Etsy goes for $6,000, and though it sports more weight in diamonds, returns are not guaranteed and come with a 15% restocking fee. 

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18kt Rose Gold & White Gold Ring 

The Round Brilliant 1.00 ctw VS2 Clarity, I Color Diamond 18kt Rose Gold & White Gold Rose Ring sells for $2,799.99 and is definitely on the sweeter, more feminine side of Costco’s offerings. Sporting an astonishing amount of diamonds (98 to be exact), this dainty ring in the design of a flower — replete with rose gold detailing — is significantly cheaper than other rose gold baubles; for instance, a rose gold-cushioned diamond ring at James Allen costs more than $16,000. 

Round Brilliant 14kt White Gold Ring 

You don’t need to shell out a minimum of $1,000 to dazzle and delight your (hopefully) bride-to-be. The Round Brilliant 0.44 ctw VS2 Clarity, I Color Diamond 14kt White Gold Ring at Costco retails for just $700. One of Costco’s least expensive choices, this heart-shaped ring is none too shabby, boasting 45 individual diamonds. Other heart-shaped rings cost quite a lot more and don’t give off the same big bling energy. Consider there’s a similar ring from Zales that goes for $3,599.99 on sale. It simply doesn’t pack as lustrous a punch. 

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