How to Save $1,378 in 52 Weeks

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  • Marilyn Lott

    Seriously? Us old guys need to save, too. We don’t have work expenses, but we still need transportation, for instance. Lots of people live in ‘transportation deserts,’ where you need wheels, or you’re stuck.
    I order staples and OTC meds from an on-line grocery store. They deliver right to my door, and shipping is free! I get the heavy stuff there– canned cat food and tuna fish, and paper products. I don’t have the strength to do a long wander through the store, so I eliminate as much as possible.
    Since my husband grew up in a culture where you go to the store every day, I took away his grocery privileges. In two months we saved $200 off our grocery expenses, and $75 in overdraft fees. (He never checks account balances.)