The True Cost of Being a Social Media Influencer

Living the dream life on social media can get expensive.

It looks glamorous. It looks fun. It looks profitable (especially for those who have 500,000+ followers and can sometimes receive between $5000 and $10,000 per post). But while it’s most definitely a cool side-hustle, being a social media influencer is no easy feat — especially for those trying to budget out their life.

Between the right clothing, camera, location and all the other tools needed to showcase the perfect shot, my life as a social media influencer is far from inexpensive. And because not every picture is worth a thousand (dollars) words, much of my social media must be “paid for” by me. Here is a look at the costs of one of the most coveted jobs around.

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Having the right camera is key to being an influencer, and though my iPhone X can oftentimes do the trick, a professional camera (and a tripod for those solo days) are a must. If a company or brand is paying me to showcase their product or service, I always shoot the shot in the best light possible — something only a true point-and-shoot camera can do.

That said, you don’t need to go crazy with a camera that has hundreds of bells and whistles that you’ll need months to understand and will set you back thousands of dollars. Instead, purchase a camera that’s simple and user-friendly.

When I first bought my Sony a5100 camera, I was extremely intimidated. I was used to the ease of an iPhone, so I let my $500 purchase sit in the corner of my room for months, collecting dust. One day though, I popped it out of the box and actually took a beginners class on how to use it. Once I took the time to learn about the camera and all of its features, taking amazing photographs was a breeze.

  • Camera: $500+
  • Tripod: $45+
  • Extra batteries and a battery charger: $50+
  • Photography class: $85

Estimated Cost: $680+

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I’ll let you in on a secret: The best social media influencers have a mix of unprofessional shots blended with professional photos that have perfect lighting and angles. It’s all about the mix.

Even though I have my own cameras, I need to hire a professional to help get me that perfect-looking social media page. This person can spend a “social media day” with me, taking all the photos I need or simply edit the photos that I take myself.  It’s great to get paid for posts, but my social media page should also cover my life, which a professional can help me capture.

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When time is of the essence and I’m not able to get professional edits done quickly enough, I do it myself with apps like VSCO ($19.99 per year) that help filter my photos beautifully.

Estimated Cost: $150-$500+ per session

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Time — Lots of It

Though online pictures look effortless, I can sometimes spend a solid 30-45 minutes trying to get the “right shot” and even more time on drafting the most engaging caption (especially if it’s for representation of a product, brand or service).  Depending on how many images are needed, those 30-45 minutes per shot add up. And time is money, as we all know. Fortunately, since most of my social media is implemented into my day-to-day life and because I am always on the move, backdrops and scenery come easily to me.

Cost: Priceless

For those that are trying to make being a social media influencer a full-time gig, I wish you the best. Remember, though: Yes, it can be cool, but it’s also a very difficult, costly and time-consuming venture.

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