Missing A Child Tax Credit Payment? Here’s The IRS Phone Number

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The advance payments of the Child Tax Credit are well underway with the third payment to be deposited Sept. 15, but the millions of payments the IRS has sent out have not been without trouble. Heavy criticisms about the method of payment, late delivery of paper checks and difficulties in signing up for the credit have flooded an already overwhelmed tax agency.

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It might be necessary to call the IRS if you have tried several times to sign up and are receiving error messages to no avail.

The number to try is 1-800-829-1040.

Before calling, just a warning — the IRS has already advised citizens it is dealing with extraordinary backlogs, overwhelming phone calls and not enough staff to deal with the procedural demands of this year’s tax season and stimulus aid programs.

To make things a little more speedy, have on hand your social security number, birth date, filing status and social security numbers of your children or dependents for whom you are claiming the credit.

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If you want to speak with an IRS representative in person, you can make an appointment here. You will be asked to put in your zip code and find the office nearest to you to go see someone in person.

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If you have been receiving your child tax credit payment via a paper check, keep in mind that the IRS has posted several times about the delay in delivering these payment methods. You can still check on the status of your paper check payment if you feel it is overly delayed, but switching to direct deposit will ensure better tracking and more speedy delivery of your payment.

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