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Terence Loose is an award-winning freelance writer who writes about everything from travel and sport to fitness and finance. He is a Hawaii-based writer who has covered a broad range of topics during his 20-plus-year career, from finance and education to travel and celebrity. He is a former editor for both Movieline and COAST Magazines and his work has appeared in publications as diverse as COAST, Riviera and Movieline to the L.A. Times Magazine and Orange County Register, as well as on sites such as Yahoo! and HauteOC Traveler. When he’s not typing, Loose tries to surf or spear dinner.

Articles by Terence Loose

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At many companies, a benefits package means more than medical and dental. How does your employer stack up?

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6 Ways to Make This Week’s Paycheck Go Further

You work hard for your paycheck. Here are ways to keep more of it.

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Best and Worst Deals at CVS and Rite Aid

Here's what you should skip and buy at these go-to drugstores.

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Chase Credit Card Comparison: How the New Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Stacks Up

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card offers huge sign-up bonus points. Find out if the card is right for you.

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Why the Bonus Tax Rate Is Bad News for Your Tax Refund

The method that your company uses to tax your bonus could save or lose you money. Here's why.

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Is Taking Out Loans to Pay Off the IRS a Good Idea?

If you owe the IRS money, don’t panic, just explore your options.

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