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Terence Loose, Contributor

Terence Loose is a Hawaii-based writer who has covered a broad range of topics during his 20-plus-year career, from finance and education to travel and celebrity. He is a former editor for both Movieline and COAST Magazines and his work has appeared in publications as diverse as COAST, Riviera and Movieline to the L.A. Times Magazine and Orange County Register, as well as on sites such as Yahoo! and HauteOC Traveler. When he’s not typing, Loose tries to surf or spear dinner.

Articles by Terence Loose

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Understand the process that follows defaulting your mortgage loan.

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How to Successfully Make an Obscenely Low Offer on a House

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Sneaky Expenses of Renovating Your Home

Getting ready to renovate? Don’t let these unexpected home renovation expenses explode your budget.

How to Get Out of Paying Your Student Loans — by Leaving the Country

One way to avoid student loan debt is to flee the country. Find out why that might not be such a brilliant solution.

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How Major Banks Are Using Bitcoin Blockchain Technology to Change the Banking Industry

Find out how this digital currency technology could revolutionize banking.

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