Huntington Bank Review: Robust Service and Account Offerings

See if Huntington Bank's services are right for you.

When you’re shopping around for a bank and want to know what options you have outside of big-name banks, consider Huntington Bank. It offers a line of financial products from mortgages to checking, savings and even business accounts.

Read on to determine if Huntington Bank is the best banking option for you.

Huntington Bank Review

Huntington Bank is a full-service bank with a strong presence in the Midwest. The bank is FDIC-insured, which means you’ll get up to $250,000 of your money back, should the bank fail. It has 1,000 branches and more than 1,800 ATMs in the U.S. You can expect to see Huntington Bank branches in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

Open a Huntington Bank account and you can take advantage of mobile banking, free mobile alerts and all-day deposit — which means there are no cutoff times when depositing through ATMs or through the mobile app. Note that the bank offers interest rates on its various accounts based on a ZIP code from Columbus, Ohio, rather than where you live.

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Huntington Bank Products and Services

Huntington Bank offers a solid line of financial products and services, including checking accounts, savings accounts and money market accounts.

Huntington Bank Checking Account

Huntington Bank offers three checking accounts that are tailored to meet specific goals:

Huntington 25 Checking

This is a high-yield checking account, which means the interest rate you earn is competitive. Other features include:

  • Unlimited non-Huntington ATM withdrawals
  • A 0.15 percent rate bump on your Huntington savings or money market account after you link it to your Huntington 25 Checking
  • $0 monthly maintenance fee for balances over $25,000 — otherwise, it’s $25
  • A 10 percent rewards increase on your Voice credit card — the bank’s branded credit card

Huntington 5 Checking

Another option for a checking account is Huntington 5 Checking if you’re interested in earning interest on your money. Features include:

  • Earning interest on your deposits
  • Five non-Huntington ATM withdrawal fees waived per statement
  • Qualifying for a 10 percent Voice credit card rewards increase
  • A $0 maintenance fee if you have $5,000 or more in a combination of accounts with the bank — otherwise, the fee is $5
  • Access to 24-Hour Grace Overdraft Fee Relief, which grants you more time to make a deposit to avoid an overdraft fee
  • A 0.10 percent rate bump on your Huntington Savings or Money Market account after you link it to your Huntington 25 Checking

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Asterisk-Free Checking

This checking account is a simple and inexpensive option if you don’t want to pay a monthly maintenance fee. Features include:

  • $0 monthly maintenance fee
  • $0 minimum balance fee
  • Free overdraft protection transfers if you opt in to the bank’s deposit-to-deposit overdraft plan
  • Mortgage closing discount of $250

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Huntington Savings Account

Huntington Bank has several types of savings accounts for you to choose from, including CDs and money market accounts.

Huntington Relationship Money Market Account

In addition to checking and savings, Huntington Bank has a money market account, which is a type of savings that might earn a higher amount of interest than a basic savings account due to the high balance that is often required. With this money market account, you’ll get:

  • Competitive rates on balances over $25,000
  • Additional interest bump when you link a Huntington 5 or 25 checking account
  • $0 monthly maintenance fee for an average daily balance of $25,000 or when linked to a Huntington 5 or 25 checking account
  • Overdraft protection features if you link your other accounts

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Huntington Relationship Savings

The Huntington Relationship Savings is another savings account that doesn’t have a monthly fee as long as you keep an average daily balance of $2,500. Other perks of this account include:

  • Additional interest bump when you link a Huntington 5 or 25 checking account
  • Free checking overdraft protection when checking and savings are linked
  • $0 monthly maintenance fee for an average daily balance of $2,500 or when linked to a checking account

Huntington Premier Savings

Consider the Huntington Premier Savings if you don’t think you can maintain a $2,500 daily balance. This account requires a daily balance of only $300. Other features include:

  • $0 monthly maintenance fee with a daily balance of $300 or when linked to a Huntington Asterisk-Free Checking account
  • Free checking overdraft protection transfers when accounts are linked

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Huntington Bank Mortgages

Huntington Bank offers fixed-rate and ARM mortgage loans that you might want to consider:

  • Fixed-rate mortgage loans: The bank has 15- and 30-year terms but is also flexible with terms that start at eight years. You might qualify for a $250 discount on closing costs if you have another Huntington bank account.
  • Adjustable-rate mortgages: An adjustable-rate mortgage typically has a lower introductory rate that increases over time. The interest is then adjusted based on a money market rate index, but there are limits to how much interest rates go up over the life of the loan.
  • FHA, VA and USDA mortgages: Huntington Bank offers unconventional loans that can help ease the cost of purchasing a home, such as Federal Housing Administration FHA, Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Department of Agriculture loans. You’ll need to meet qualifications to be eligible for these loans.

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Huntington Bank Customer Care

Huntington Bank’s customer service page is dedicated to answering questions and helping you understand its products and services. You can also speak to a live person; the general customer service line is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The number for Huntington Bank customer care is 800-480-2265.

Huntington Bank Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you commit to opening an account at Huntington Bank, consider these high and low points.

Huntington Bank Pros

Huntington Bank offers a few standout features that separates it from other banks of the same size.

  • Overdraft feature: Its 24-Hour Grace Overdraft Fee Relief helps you avoid an overdraft fee if you’ve overdrawn or have a negative account balance. Just make the deposit before midnight the next business day to bring your account back up to positive.
  • Account-linking benefits: If you decide to open multiple accounts and link them together, you can avoid monthly maintenance fees and receive discounts such as $250 off mortgage closing costs.
  • Information-packed website: Unlike some banks, Huntington’s website is easy to navigate and it offers ways for you to easily complete your bank-related tasks, like ordering more checks and opening a checking account.

The site offers a thorough explanation of the bank’s accounts and even informs you of financial terms you might not be aware of, which helps you gain knowledge and better understand what to expect.

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Huntington Bank Cons

Here are three potential disadvantages to banking with Huntington Bank:

  • Minimum balance requirements: If you want to avoid the hassle of having to remember to keep a minimum account balance, Huntington Bank might not be the best fit. Also, if you don’t have a steady income, some of the minimum balances might be high and difficult for you to meet to avoid the monthly maintenance fee. These accounts might be better-suited for someone with a consistent income who doesn’t need to constantly move money in and out of their accounts, especially savings. Many online banks — such as Ally Bank or Capital One 360 — don’t require a minimum balance and don’t have any monthly maintenance fees, either.
  • Lack of locations: The bank only has locations in eight states, mostly in the Midwest, so it might not work if you don’t reside in the Midwest and need to make frequent trips to your bank branch.

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Is Huntington Bank for You?

Huntington Bank is worth considering if you’re looking to open a number of different accounts within one bank with strong customer service. The website is also more robust than the typical bank, and it offers more transparency about the bank’s mission, team members, investor relations and more.

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