How To Make a Carter’s Credit Card Payment

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Carter’s is one of America’s leading baby and children’s clothing retailers. Their clothes are sold in more than 600 brand-owned locations and various department stores across the country. Like many other clothing companies, Carter’s offers its clients a store credit card with exclusive benefits. Here’s everything cardholders need to know to make their Carter’s credit card payments on time through different channels. 

How Do I Make a Payment on My Carter’s Credit Card?

A Carter’s store credit card gives account members numerous perks and rewards. However, to be able to keep on enjoying them, customers need to make their payments on time. Maintaining their accounts in good standing is the only way to avoid late fees, reduce interest and positively impact their credit history. Carter’s clients can choose to make their payments online, by mail or over the phone. 

Can I Pay My Carter’s Card Online?

To make an online payment, cardholders need to use Comenity Capital Bank’s Carter’s credit card page. This site gives them two options, the more convenient one being the EasyPay feature, which allows cardholders to avoid the hassle of creating an account and signing in. 

Alternatively, account members can register on the site to manage their accounts, see their statements and make payments from their favorite devices. To do so, they must:

  • Go to Comenity Capital Bank’s Carter’s credit card site.
  • Click or tap on the “Register Now” button.
  • Fill out the form with personal and account details.
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Once they’ve successfully created an account, clients can easily sign in using their username and password. They can follow the site’s instructions to make timely Carter’s credit card payments.

How Do I Make a Carter’s Credit Card Payment by Mail?

Although perhaps it’s less convenient than using their online accounts to make their Carter’s credit card payments, cardholders can decide to use the U.S. Postal Service instead. They can send a check or money order to:

Comenity Capital Bank

PO Box 183003

Columbus, OH 43218-3003

Using regular mail to make payments will take a bit longer than using the online interface. Customers may need to plan ahead to prevent any inconveniences. 

How Do I Pay My Carter’s Credit Card by Phone?

Comenity Capital Bank allows customers to make expedited credit card payments over the phone. Their customer service number is 1-877-563-5767. This method, however, may incur a $15 fee.

Interest and Late Fees for Carter’s Credit Cards

Sometimes, late credit card payments are inevitable. Cardholders must be aware of their credit card’s late fee policy to avoid surprises if they cannot pay on time. Failing to pay their Carter’s card balance in full every month could result in hefty interest. Carter’s credit card currently has a $30 late fee for those who have made all their payments on time in the previous six cycles, and a $41 one for those who regularly pay late.

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Final Take

Having a Carter’s credit card can be extremely convenient for store rewards hunters. However, it’s imperative to make all credit card payments on time. The methods mentioned above will let Carter’s customers keep their accounts up to date so that they can continue receiving the best deals.

Information is accurate as of Aug. 29, 2022.

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