10 Geeky Collectibles That Could Make You Millions

Raid your stuff for collectibles — you might make millions.
  • ee


  • Lanabalana

    I consider everything junk so I don’t collect anything.

  • Kelly

    This is so great – I have a lot of family members who really enjoy collecting stuff, and, it’s not only enjoyable at the time, but, they are growing their retirement fund at the same time! Because in a few years, they’ll be able to make a fortune selling this stuff – best thing? Not taxable income because they sell it in markets for cash!

  • Kelly

    Then you’re going to miss out on cashing in and how much fun THAT can be!

    • Minetta

      you will die before it is worth anything and your kids or grandkids will toss it anyway

  • Lanabalana

    I know – but the storage, not being able to touch them, and trying to keep them in mint condition is a lot of work 🙂

    • CommonSense

      Not touching something is a lot of work? For you obviously.

  • James B

    I think they are!

  • Lola

    I have a friend who collects Yoda figurines.

  • Anonymous

    what is a mint condition gold yoda can worth