Here’s What Social Security Will Look Like by the Time Millennials Retire

Millennials should be aware of these Social Security changes.
  • Peter Hurley

    As a millennial you need to be saving between 20% to 50% of your after tax income. Taxes will be 20% to 30% higher when we will be required to financially support our baby (boomer) parents who got their cake and ate it too. Pump up your 401k then, it is a free 20% to 30% guaranteed return. The demographics prove millennials won’t ever get Social Security. Our parents were too busy believing in false bubble wealth to ever actually save any real money. QE infinity has propped up their false economic beliefs. The debt hangover from their irrational fiscal policy will be dealt with by their low income, student debt strapped children. Greece and the current US are prime examples why democracy will always fail in the long run as people perpetually vote free “entitlements” they do not deserve. All I know is that I am not the one who got great paying jobs out of high school and lived in oversized homes, were able to afford kids and never saved, yet expect 20 years of retirement handed over from the next generation. When the shit hits the fan, I will definitely be on the opposite side. I can’t say the same for baby boomers. At least millennials can alter their lives to the turbulent future ahead.


      Peter: suck on it you whiney little twit ! It’s time you grew a pair and put that energy towards something we called WORK. Typical crybaby, entitled, wuss of today. If you think we owe you anything your sadly mistaken. Nobody gave me jack crap and you, my wussified generation whatever, can put on a backpack and live under a freeway if your not into oversized houses. PS: Im sure your parents feel the same way and are quite embarrassed to have raised such a dickhead ingrate of a son !!!!!

      • Peter Hurley

        Sounds like someone is loosing their money in the stock market recently.