10 Surprisingly Affordable Housing Markets Across America

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Since hitting a standstill in March of 2020, the housing market has bounced back with a vengeance. With the rise of remote work, Americans no longer had a need to center themselves in big cities, and moved into more affordable housing markets. Home sales hit a 15 per year record high in 2021.

In October of 2021, the median price of a home in California was $798,440, which was 12% higher than a year prior. The average home price in the United states rose from $386,000 in 2020 to 443,000 in 2021. Price hikes aside, there are still plenty of housing markets in America that would be deemed affordable for the average family. Check out the top untapped housing markets in the country.

Median Home Price: $64,174

Detroit, MI

You read that right: the average home costs less than $100,000 in Detroit. Invest now, though, and you’re bound to see some growth, as prices rose 33.8% in the last year. The average homeowner in Detroit is expected to only spend 6% of their income on a mortgage. Most Americans spend well over 30% of their income on housing. Though Detroit’s seen a huge economic downturn in previous years, things are on the up and up as companies like General Motors, Ally Financial and Quicken Loans are headquartered there. In addition, Apple has opened a developer academy in partnership with Michigan State University. 

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Cleveland, OH

Median Home Price: $98,530

Yet another city on this list where you can get a house for under six figures–albeit, just barely. Home prices in the Cleve went up 22.8% last year. You’ve got all the markings of a big city, like pro sports teams and tourist attractions like The Rock and ‘Roll Hall of Fame, but home prices are almost a quarter of the national average. One reason for the cheaper real estate might be that the population has actually declined 0.42% year over year. 

Spartanburg, SC

Median Home Price: $181,349

Builders are fighting to keep up with demand for housing in Spartanburg. Home values went up 21.9% since this time last year. Spartanburg is a smaller town with a population of a little more than 38,000 in 2020. However, it’s considered part of the Upcountry in South Carolina, which includes Greenville and Anderson. Spartanburg made the 150 Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2021-2022 in U.S. News & World Report. 

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Baltimore, MD

Median Home Price:

The days homes spend on the market has reached a record low in Baltimore, with some homes selling in less than a week. Home prices have gone up 16.2% over the past year in the city. Baltimore is the most populous city in Maryland and has grown 13% since 1998. Another bonus for job seekers: the average salary in Baltimore is actually higher than the national average at ​​$59,250 vs. $53,490.

Rochester, NY

Median Home Price:

Experts predict that real estate prices will grow steadily in Rochester. They grew 14.7% last year and are projected to grow 14.5% this next year. Rochester is a hub for jobs in technology and its schools earn its #1 ranking for degrees in STEM fields. The cost of living is 11% lower than the national average, according to Forbes.

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Huntsville, AL

Median Home Price: $258,420

Demand for homes in Huntsville has gone up, with values increasing by 24.8% in the past year. Huntsville is a great place to invest in because of its strong economy, availability of jobs and steady population growth. The Facebook data center and the $1.6 billion Mazda Toyota USA Manufacturing facility are part of the reason why more people are flocking to the city in hopes of gainful employment, and they’ve been successful in landing a job. The unemployment rate in Huntsville is just 2%.

Dallas, TX

Median Home Price: $293,549

Well below the country’s median home price, Dallas is a stand out housing market that offers both entertainment and affordability. Forbes ranks Dallas as the 2nd best place for business and careers in the U.S. As the third largest city in Texas, there is no shortage of things to do. There are plenty of historic museums as well as pro games you can catch from the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Stars, the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas’s cost of living is 50% lower than coastal cities like San Francisco. Despite being affordable, Dallas is still seeing a lot of growth. Home prices went up 20% in the past year, and show no signs of slowing. If you buy now, you can be sure to see some appreciation on your investment.

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Tucson, AZ

Median Home Price: $296,046

Home prices have gone up a whopping 25.5% in Tucson over the past year. Homes usually only stay on the market for about 17 days, which is almost half the time as the national average. This might be due to the attractive plethora of jobs and low unemployment rate of 3.6%. Tucson is home to large companies like Citigroup, IBM, Oracle, and Raytheon, offering many job opportunities to its residents. 

Murfreesboro, TN

Median Home Price: $377,961

Home prices in Murfreesboro have soared 30.7% over the past year, yet they’re still below the national average. Just about 40 minutes away from Nashville, Murfreesboro is considered the largest suburb of Nashville. It’s close to the places that made Tennessee famous without the prices. Murfreesboro even made Time’s Best Places to Live in 2018. 

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Spokane Valley, WA

Median Home Price:

Spokane Valley is the biggest suburb of Spokane — it also surrounds the city of Millwood. Over the past year, home prices have gone up 27.7% in Spokane Valley. Part of the reason for this jump is due to big companies like Amazon establishing businesses and job opportunities in the area. Realtor.com has named Spokane 3rd in the nation for projected real estate growth in 2022.

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