How This Divorced Single Mom Became a Successful Entrepreneur

This mommy blogger penned her own success story.

For Emma Johnson, being a success story didn’t come from a methodical business plan or a step-by-step ladder to success. In fact, all she had was freshly-signed divorce papers, a newborn and a toddler and a boatload of passion.

Keep reading to find out how this mom-turned-mogul transformed her career and her life.

Becoming a “Mom-illionaire”

Emma Johnson was balancing two full-time jobs — freelance journalism and single mom-life — when she realized she could be doing so much more with her career.

“I got to the point where I realized I’m not making money from it, but that means I’m putting my energy into other people’s companies,” Johnson said.

From that point, Johnson decided to devote her time and energy to her own dream — a blog called “Wealthy Single Mommy,” which enabled Johnson to build her very own brand.

“My income quadrupled,” she said. “Brands emailed me that they liked what I was doing and they wanted to partner — and I listened.”

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Working Out the Wrinkles

Starting her own business and being her own boss hasn’t always been easy. Even though she can now relish in her success, Johnson definitely encountered some wrinkles along the way — like not collecting any email addresses from readers, or not hiring the right employees.

“Recently, I’ve been hiring a lot of people, including an ‘EA’,” said Johnson, referring to an “editorial assistant.” “The first one was fine, but it wasn’t a great fit. It’s part of the process, and you have to be comfortable with failing short-term for winning long-term.”

Inspiring Conversations Between Moms

These days, Johnson hopes that her brand and blog can help catapult conversations for moms, as she strives to stay on top of what other mothers are looking for.

“It’s listening to that inner voice that tells me where to go and what to do,” she said. “When you learn to listen, that’s where all the magic happens.”

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