Rachel Cruze: 5 Ways To Finally Achieve Financial Freedom

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In a world where the internet bombards us with conflicting financial advice, finding a clear path to financial freedom can feel like navigating a maze.

Rachel Cruze cuts through the noise with straightforward, actionable advice in a recent video on her YouTube channel. Let’s dive into her five proven strategies to help you achieve financial peace and truly enjoy freedom with your money.

Get Out of Debt for Good

First things first, let’s talk about debt. It’s like that unwelcome guest at your party who just won’t leave. Whether it’s credit card bills, student loans or car payments, debt takes a significant chunk out of your paycheck every month.

Cruze emphasizes the freedom that comes with being debt-free. Imagine what you could do if you weren’t sending a big portion of your earnings to pay off debts each month.

The goal? To live a life where the only debt you have is your mortgage. Achieving this means more money in your pocket and a greater sense of financial freedom.

Save for Emergencies

Ever felt like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back financially? That’s usually the result of unexpected emergencies wiping out your progress.

Cruze’s second key to financial freedom is establishing an emergency fund of three to six months’ worth of expenses.

Investing for Everyone

This safety net turns potential crises into mere inconveniences, so a flat tire or a leaky roof doesn’t derail your financial wellbeing.

Invest in Your Future

Saving for the future doesn’t just mean putting money away for retirement. It also involves preparing for big expenses down the line.

According to Cruze, you should invest in your future through retirement savings and sinking funds for anticipated costs, like holidays or home repairs. By doing so, you make sure your future self is as financially free as your present self, avoiding the panic that comes with being unprepared.

Use a Monthly Budget

If budgeting sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry, you’re not alone. However, Cruze champions budgeting as a critical tool for gaining control over your finances.

Not only does a monthly budget keep track of your spending, but it also empowers you to make intentional decisions about how you spend and save. Tools like budgeting apps can be invaluable allies in this process, transforming budgeting from a chore into a painless strategy for financial success.

Give to Others

Lastly, Cruze introduces an often-overlooked aspect of financial freedom: generosity. By giving to others, we ensure that money remains a tool, not a master.

This act of selflessness enriches our lives, fostering a sense of joy and gratitude that transcends material wealth. Including giving in your financial plan not only benefits those around you but also cements your own sense of purpose and contentment.

Investing for Everyone

The Takeaway

Achieving financial freedom is a journey that begins with deciding to live debt-free and extends into every aspect of your financial life. By following Cruze’s advice, you can create a life that you love–not just a bank account that you manage.

Remember, financial freedom isn’t just about having money. It’s about having the control over your money to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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