GO in the Know: Retirement Tips From Experts, Affordable Lake Towns & Top Financial Advice of the Week

GO in the Know Sunday
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We can all use a little help with financial planning from time to time, so take a break between football games today and get some money advice from those in the know.

The Big Lead: Retirement Survey Finds Americans’ Behaviors and Goals Differ Vastly From Expert Advice

GOBankingRates surveyed over 900 Americans about their retirement beliefs and behaviors and found that many of the most popular choices go against standard expert advice. Here’s a closer look at these discrepancies. Read the full story here

Real Estate Spotlight: 10 Surprisingly Affordable Lake Towns To Own Property in Across the US

Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence with proximity to water or an idyllic summer getaway, a lake town can be the ideal place to buy a home. See the list here

That’s Interesting: 8 Things Rich People Still Buy Cheap

The next time you are wondering how the wealthy actually live, remember they often shop at Costco, fly commercial and drive an affordable car just like you. If you need some inspiration for how to save a buck, consider these eight things rich people buy cheap. Read the full story here

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Bonus: Retirement Bucket List Items Worth the Investment (or Not)

How do you know which retirement “bucket list” items are good financial investments and which ones are not worth the cost? Read on to see what experts in various fields have to say about the topic. Read the full story here

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