20 Best Part-Time Jobs for Extra Income

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You can find a well-paying part-time gig if you have the right skills and education.

These Are The Best Part-Time Jobs That Can Make Extra Money

Below is a list of 20 part-time positions and how much you can earn on average annually.

1. Recreation and Fitness Worker

Job: Recreation and fitness workers bring fun to their job. Some of the activities you can help facilitate include martial arts, yoga, dancing, horseback riding and overseeing public park and recreation facilities. Positions include camp counselors, aerobics instructors and recreation and park directors.

Location: Community centers, parks, cruise ships and summer camps

Pay: $30,490

Requirements: High school education; great communication, social and problem-solving skills

2. Plumber

Job: Plumbing professionals develop structural blueprints for fitting pipes and fixtures. They work individually, as apprentices or with a team to install, connect and repair piping and fixtures, and ensure that water is being supplied to sinks, toilets, baths and showers, as well as water heaters.

Location: Plumbing company, commercial and residential sites

Pay: $55,160

Requirements: High school education; troubleshooting skills; plumber’s license

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3. Maintenance and Repair Worker

Job: Maintenance workers do odd jobs including plumbing and carpentry. They often lift heavy objects and work with manual and power tools. The job can require standing for long periods, stooping and squatting.

Location: Commercial and residential sites

Pay: $39,080

Requirements: High school education; great problem-solving skills and creativity

4. Driver

Job: These days, the driving profession has extended beyond taxi and limo drivers to popular rideshare drivers such as Uber and Lyft. Drivers pick up and drop passengers off to destinations like airports, hotels and train stations.

Location: Cities, suburbs, businesses, campuses and other locations

Pay: $31,340

Requirements: Driver’s license, vehicle, smartphone

5. Nail Technician

Job: Nail technicians give manicures and pedicures, consisting of cleaning, filing, trimming, repairing and polishing clients’ fingernails and toenails.

Location: Nail salons, spas and barbershops

Pay: $25,770

Requirements: Postsecondary certification; cleanliness, politeness and good customer service skills

6. Physical Therapist Aide

Job: Physical therapist aides assist physical therapists with patient care. They usually clean and sanitize treatment areas and equipment, perform administrative tasks and wash linens.

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Location: Physical therapy practice, hospital or nursing care facility

Pay: $27,000

Requirements: High school education; patience and a passion for helping people

7. Massage Therapist

Job: Massage therapists skillfully handle patients’ muscles to relieve stress, heal injuries and alleviate pain. Expertise includes acupressure, deep tissue, reflexology, sports and orthopedic massage.

Location: Chiropractor’s offices, spas, sports teams, clients’ homes, offices and hospitals

Pay: $42,820

Requirements: Postsecondary certification; license; good people skills

8. Translator and Interpreter

Job: Translators and interpreters use signed or spoken language to help non-English speakers and the hearing impaired to communicate.

Location: Schools, hospitals, business offices, conferences and courtrooms

Pay: $51,830

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree; language fluency

9. Dental Hygienist

Job: These dental facility workers clean patients’ teeth before dentists perform dental exams. They also educate patients on oral healthcare and products.

Location: Dentists’ offices, emergency rooms and medical clinics

Pay: $76,220

Requirements: Associate’s degree; great communication skills

10. Restaurant Cook

Job: Culinary skills are the name of the game for restaurant cooks. They grill, braise, garnish and plate food. They also use imagination to create dishes in collaboration with other kitchen staff.

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Location: Restaurants, diners and hotels

Pay: $27,790

Requirements: Ability to think fast and perform under pressure

11. Rehabilitation Counselor

Job: Professional rehabilitation counselors help people with physical and emotional disabilities learn to live independently. They coordinate therapy programs and administer patient evaluations and treatment plans.

Location: Clinics, private practices

Pay: $35,950

Requirements: Master’s degree; compassion

12. Ophthalmic Medical Technician

Job: These technicians complete the initial part of a patient’s eye exam, including recording a patient’s medical history, checking visual acuity, assessing pupils and administering other visual tests.

Location: Ophthalmology practices

Pay: $36,940

Requirements: Postsecondary certification; on-the-job training

13. Exterminator

Job: Exterminators remove pests, inspect areas and use barriers and chemicals to make sure that pests do not return.

Location: Homes, buildings and other property

Pay: $37,330

Requirements: High school education; protective gear, including goggles and gloves

14. Esthetician

Job: These skincare specialists cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, wax and laser skin and apply makeup to enhance customers’ appearance.

Location: Salons and spas

Pay: $34,090

Requirements: Postsecondary certification; knowledge of skin problems and treatments

15. Medical Assistant

Job: Medical assistant work includes answering phones and emails, handling insurance claims, drawing blood and obtaining patients’ medical histories.

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Location: Doctors’ offices and hospitals

Pay: $34,800

Requirements: Postsecondary non-degree; people skills; organizational skills

16. Home Health Aide

Job: These aides give care to patients unable to do certain chores for themselves, such as laundry, bathing, changing clothes and dressing wounds.

Location: Patients’ homes

Pay: $25,280

Requirements: High school education; patience with and empathy for others

17. Landscaper

Job: Landscapers perform horticultural maintenance, including planting shrubbery and trees, watering grounds and applying fertilization treatments.

Location: Facilities, grounds, homes, cemeteries, parks and gardens

Pay: $30,440

Requirements: Entrepreneurial skills and a green thumb

18. Substance Abuse Counselor

Job: These counselors treat and support persons struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, behavioral problems and eating disorders, as well as discuss with families about the treatments available.

Location: Mental health clinics; outreach programs

Pay: $46,240

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree; emotional intelligence

19. Marriage and Family Therapist

Job: These professionals help families resolve conflicts and manage and overcome emotional and mental disorders. Usually, a marriage and family therapist works with couples, but it is becoming more common to also see individuals as well.

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Location: Therapy practices and counseling centers

Pay: $49,610

Requirements: Master’s degree; compassion, communication skills

20. Personal Care Aide

Job: These aides help people with physical and mental disabilities and chronic illnesses perform daily tasks, such as getting dressed and preparing meals.

Location: Homes, residential facilities and group homes

Pay: $25,280

Requirements: High school education; compassion

Good To Know

The salaries listed in this article equate to full-time work, typically 40 hours a week. If you want to calculate your projected part-time pay, you can adjust the salaries for the jobs listed. Simply divide the annual salary by two to get an idea of what you would make part-time for 20 hours a week.

Whatever your motivation is for earning extra income, consider these 20 best part-time jobs to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

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