12 Best Money-making Apps To Download Now

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Thanks to a vast selection of apps, making money on the side has never been easier. You can earn extra money by signing up for food-delivery services or even through cash-back rebates on things you’d buy anyway.

While you won’t get rich through the apps, it’s worth taking a look at some easy ways to help your budget just by using your cellphone. Some of the apps pay you through credits or gift cards, while others pay in cash. And if you’re wondering, “How can I make $100 a day?”, keep reading, because if you work hard enough you absolutely can.

Best Money-Making Apps of 2022

If you’re looking for a new revenue source, look no further than the palm of your hand to monetize your spare time. What apps let you make money? Here are some of the best money-making apps of 2022.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards: Surveys
  2. Surveys On The Go: Surveys
  3. SurveyMonkey: Surveys
  4. iPoll: Surveys
  5. Rakuten: Cash Back
  6. Swagbucks: Cash Back and Surveys
  7. Foap: Photos
  8. Dreamstime: Photos
  9. Agora: Photos
  10. Decluttr: Selling
  11. Uber Eats: Gig Work
  12. Gigwalk: Gig Work

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Taking surveys is just one way to earn some rewards, and Google Opinion Rewards is among the options that let you do just that. To get started, download the app and answer a few questions about yourself. Then, Google will send you questions and surveys about a range of topics, asking you anything from which logo you like better to questions about your next vacation.

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In exchange for your participation, you’ll get credit — up to $1 for each response — to Google Play, where you can use those credits to buy more apps.

  • Type of app: Survey
  • Amount you can make: Up to $1 in Google Play credits per survey
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

 2. Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The Go is another free app that pays you for your feedback on various topics and issues. Just answer a few preliminary questions about yourself, then get started sharing your opinion and getting paid for it.

The company sends out one to two surveys a week and pays cash via a PayPal account, or you can apply your earnings toward gift cards.

  • Type of app: Survey
  • Amount you can make: $1-$5 for most surveys; some pay $10 and up
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a well-known name in the survey industry. You can connect to surveys through the SurveyMonkey website or the mobile app.

The surveys are fast, and the payout is quick, according to user reviews. Payments are made in the form of Amazon gift cards, or if you donate your rewards to charity, SurveyMonkey will match your donation.

  • Type of app: Survey
  • Amount you can make: Around $0.25 to $0.50 per survey
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store
Make Your Money Work Better for You

4. iPoll

The iPoll app from Instantly Inc. is another survey app. Users can make up to $20 in iPoll currency on longer surveys — less on shorter ones — which they can redeem for rewards like Apple or Amazon gift cards or cash through PayPal.

As they become available, you will see polls and can take them if they are of interest. Other opportunities include product reviews, in-store shopping, ad testing and brand awareness.

  • Type of app: Survey
  • Amount you can make: Up to $20 in iPoll currency per survey
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

5. Rakuten

You can get cash back when you shop through Rakuten at more than 3,500 retailers. The site also has coupons to provide even more value.

If you shop online anyway, this is a good way to get additional cash back on top of whatever rewards you might get through your credit card by receiving a percentage of your purchase price back.

  • Type of app: Cash back
  • Amount you can make: Depends on current promotions, but can be 10% of purchase price or more
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store
Make Your Money Work Better for You

6. Swagbucks

Put cash back into your wallet with Swagbucks, a cash-back, survey and gift card app. Swagbucks operates like a mix of others on this list, providing both cash back when you make purchases and rewards for taking surveys or even watching videos.  As with Rakuten, the percentage of cash back from retailers depends on current promotions and changes frequently.

As you earn Swagbucks, you’ll be able to cash out with gift cards.

  • Type of app: Cash back and surveys
  • Amount you can make: Cash back on purchases varies by store; surveys typically pay between $0.40 and $1.00, but some pay as much as $100
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

7. Foap

If you’re an avid photographer, your talent could translate into money. Foap gives you the opportunity to sell your best pictures to marketers, businesses, web designers and anyone else willing to pay $10 for the perfect stock photo.

Foap splits the cash with its users 50-50, typically giving you $5 for every image you sell. Some pictures are transferred to Getty Images and earn up to $80, and if you win a “mission,” you can earn a minimum of $25 after splitting the proceeds with Foap.

  • Type of app: Photo
  • Amount you can make: Up to $5 per sold photo; mission winners earn $25 plus
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

8. Dreamstime

If you’re a little more than an amateur photographer, why not upload your photos to Dreamstime? When you do, you create an archive of images that other people can purchase. There are more than 192 million stock photos on Dreamstime, making it one of the busiest archives in the world.

This platform will take a little more work than Foap, but you can sell items multiple times, making it an option that could help you eventually earn passive income. And along with photos, you can sell your original illustrations, videos and audio files on Dreamstime.

  • Type of app: Photo
  • Amount you can make: As much as 60% of the selling price for your images, videos and audio files
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

9. Agora

Agora is a marketplace for photos, but one that’s unlike any of the others on this list. Instead of selling your photos directly, you enter into weekly competitions to prove the worth of your photography.

You can gain money and exposure and can even be featured in newspapers and magazines through Agora. Cash prizes range from $100 to $25,000, and competitors from many countries take part. Some competitions, instead of offering cash directly, list the winning image as a Featured NFT on the Agora NFT Market, and the creator of the NFT earns 50% of sales on the primary market and 1%-5% of further sales on the secondary market.

  • Type of app: Photo
  • Amount you can make: $100 to $25,000 for winners
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

10. Decluttr

Among the top quick-cash apps is Decluttr, which focuses on used electronics. With a few screen taps, you can turn old cellphones, DVDs, outdated video game consoles and CDs into cash.

With Decluttr, you can get rid of things you no longer need in a single transaction — and you’re guaranteed the price quoted in your original appraisal, which requires you to scan a barcode for each item.

  • Type of app: Selling
  • Amount you can make: Dependent on items sold
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

11. Uber Eats

Serve up some food with Uber Eats. By connecting with the Uber Eats app, you can pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to the hungry people who order it. The best part is you can receive your pay on the same day you make your deliveries.

  • Type of app: Gig work
  • Amount you can make: Varies by location and is based on several factors, including the number of pickups and drop-offs, time, distance and tips
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

12. Gigwalk

Gigwalk connects you to gigs in your surrounding area. The assignments offered — mainly from consumer brands and retailers — are temporary and can take between five minutes to several hours to complete. You can choose a gig that suits you, like collecting data or checking store displays, and earn anywhere from a few dollars to $100, according to the app’s website.

  • Type of app: Gig work
  • Amount you can make: From a few dollars to $100 per assignment
  • Where to download the app: Google Play and the App Store

How To Choose the Best Money-Making App

While there are money-making apps that really work, some of them are not worth your time. Consider the following questions to determine whether the app you’re looking at is legitimate:

  • Is the app free? If not, is it worth the payment? Be wary of a free download that then asks you to pay for a subscription. Most sites that offer money aren’t going to ask you to pay first.
  • How are the reviews for the app? Do they sound legitimate? On the download page through Google Play or the App Store, you should be able to see reviews from users. Be skeptical about reviews that are too vague or effusive.
  • How long has the app existed? Does it have a good reputation on third-party sites? Many of the apps listed above have existed for years and have a number of third-party reviews for you to sift through.

Final Take

The amount of money you can make through apps depends on whether you’re choosing the right ones to download. Most money-making apps aren’t going to make you rich overnight, but they can add to your wallet. The best apps are the ones that suit your schedule and your interests and also pay you for things you’d normally do, such as cash back on your shopping.

Taylor Bell and Barri Segal contributed to the reporting for this article.

Information is accurate as of Sept. 9, 2022, and is subject to change.

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