I’m Rich Now, but Here’s the Price I Paid for It — And What I’d Do Differently

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Most people dream of one day being rich — but those dreams tend to gloss over the many hardships, sacrifices and regrets that are so often the byproducts of building and keeping a fortune. In a world where money defines a person’s status, lifestyle and power, wealth can be both a blessing and a curse. GOBankingRates spoke with one entrepreneur who learned that lesson the hard way during an ultimately rewarding but often challenging decades-long journey to professional and financial success.

If getting rich were easy, no one would be poor — and that’s why the path to wealth usually requires those who walk it to trade parts of themselves that no amount of money can ever buy back.

Ultimately, the exchange is worth it only if you make those trades willingly and can live with the consequences that come with the money.

A Plumber Becomes a Business Owner — Then a Wise and Wealthy Man

Rich Mullins is the founder of H20 Plumbing, which is based in Corydon, Indiana. He founded the company in 2003, but he’s been in the business for roughly three decades. Over the last 20 years, he built and grew the company into a well-known regional juggernaut with residential and commercial operations throughout the southern part of the state.

His efforts have earned him a reputation for quality work at a fair price — and a significant personal fortune.

“However, success didn’t come without its price,” said Mullins. “My journey to wealth has been rewarding, but it came with its share of sacrifices.”

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You Can Always Make More Money, but Lost Time Is Gone for Good

Like so many successful entrepreneurs, Mullins’ achievements came at the expense of nearly all of his most finite, precious and nonrefundable resource.

“One of the most significant sacrifices was my time,” he said. “I spent long hours building my business, which meant less time for personal relationships and leisure activities.”

Every late night, weekend and holiday he spent building his business was one he didn’t spend nurturing bonds with the cherished people in his life.

“In terms of relationships, there were certainly strains on personal connections,” he said. “The demands of running a business often meant missing important family events and celebrations. Friendships were impacted, too, as I had less time to socialize and connect with people on a personal level.”

The Road to Success Was Often Paved With Stress

H2O Plumbing is now a successful enterprise, but for years, that outcome was far from guaranteed — and Mullins suffered the physical and psychological effects of stressing over financial security, the future and uncertainty regarding an endeavor into which he had poured all of his time, energy and money.

“My journey to wealth has indeed been a rollercoaster ride,” he said. “It was a gradual process, marked by calculated risks and learning from failures. I faced my fair share of setbacks along the way. Economic downturns, unexpected industry shifts and even personal health challenges tested my resilience. These setbacks required not only financial resources but also mental and emotional strength to navigate.”

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Mullins Can’t Go Back in Time — But He Often Reflects on the Journey

By any reasonable measure, Rich Mullins is a professional and financial success story.

“I started with a small business that grew over the years, eventually generating substantial income,” he said. “In terms of wealth, I earned it through a combination of strategic business decisions, investment and reinvestment of profits into my company.”

Now that H20 Plumbing is a regional institution, Mullins finally has something he lacked during all those years of building — time to reflect.

“Looking back, I realize that striking a better balance between work and personal life is vital,” he said. “Wealth, while important, should not come at the expense of meaningful relationships and well-being.

“If I could do things differently,” he said, “I would emphasize the importance of work-life balance from the start. While dedication and hard work are crucial, I would have allocated more time to nurture relationships and personal well-being. Maintaining a support system and a strong network is essential in both personal and professional success.”

Mullins also learned a lot about money — in terms of both what it can buy and what it can’t.

“I believe that wealth should not be an end in itself but a means to achieve a fulfilling life that encompasses financial security, strong relationships and personal happiness,” he said.

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