Self-Made Millionaires Reveal Their Top Daily Money Habits That Keep Them Wealthy

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Becoming a self-made millionaire takes discipline, commitment and an unwavering drive to succeed financially. Once you make it, it takes some well-thought-out financial habits to sustain your wealth.

To find out what it takes, GOBankingRates interviewed two self-made millionaires. Here are their top nine daily money habits that they say keep them wealthy

Collin Plume, Founder and CEO of Noble Gold Investments

Collin Plume is the founder and CEO of Noble Gold Investments, a precious metals IRA broker, and My Digital Money, a crypto trading platform. He has more than 17 years of experience building and managing the wealth of his clients, leaning on his decades of expertise in property insurance, commercial real estate, cryptocurrency investment and entrepreneurship. 

Here are his four daily money habits to stay wealthy.

1. Stay on the Hunt for New Opportunities

Plume said, “When it comes to new opportunities, my radar is ever-alert — I don’t really have an ‘off’ button. I’m like a hawk, always on the lookout. Even with stocks and crypto, I have my accounts finely tuned and automated. Stocks or crypto take a nosedive? I buy. They soar to a certain height? I sell.”

He continued, “It could be a glaring market gap screaming for a solution, an untested marketing tactic worth a shot, or a fresh influencer ripe for collaboration. It’s so ingrained, it doesn’t feel like work; it’s just who I am. I relish learning and unearthing new ventures. This is my version of a gripping video game. Others get their kicks from conquering digital overlords; I get mine from real-world business escapades.”

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2. Delegate Less-Important Tasks

“If there’s something on my overflowing plate that can be delegated, it’s off quicker than you can say ‘efficiency,'” said Plume. “My time flourishes in making impactful decisions, not drowning in the day-to-day minutiae. Whether it’s hunting for new vendors, setting appointments, concocting reports or plotting my next escape to paradise, I delegate. If it’s stress, it’s not on my guest list. There are bigger, more lucrative fish to fry.”

3. Be a Data Devotee

“I’ve orchestrated a reporting symphony, allowing me to survey the outputs and bottom lines from the conductor’s stand,” said Plume. “These high-level indicators steer me toward which business facets need a closer look. A sudden spike in expenses or sales, a plunge in stocks, warrants a deeper dive. If it’s a golden goose, I scale it. If it’s a lemon, it’s optimization time. It’s like having a financial weather report, indicating how close or far I am from my sunny goals.”

4. Be a Wellness Warrior

Plume admitted, “There was a time when I was in the doldrums, both physically and fiscally. My relentless pursuit for a better job and sound investments found true north only when I embraced physical wellness. The reality is, a healthy body and mind are the bedrock of astute decision-making. You want your brain in top-tier condition to pull off the best business moves. So, I break a sweat as often as possible, keep my doctor on speed dial, and munch on greens like it’s my job. Because taking care of oneself isn’t just self-love — it’s good business!”

Gareth Boyd, Co-Founder of Forte Analytica

Gareth Boyd of Forte Analytica is an experienced entrepreneur and digital marketer with over 20 years of experience. He has generated over $300 million in sales with affiliate sites and e-commerce stores.

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Here are his daily money habits that help him stay wealthy.

1. Live Below Your Means

“Solid daily money habits are the backbone of maintaining and accruing wealth,” said Boyd. “It’s crucial to live below your means. This doesn’t necessarily equate to frugality but implies a consciousness about spending less than you earn. Every dollar saved is a step closer to financial stability.”

2. Stay Debt-Free

“Staying debt-free is another habit I swear by,” Boyd shared. “Avoiding high-interest liabilities, like credit card debt, is critical. It’s like throwing money down the drain. I make it a point to pay off my credit card balances in full every month.”

3. Automate Investments and Savings

“Automating investments and savings is something I can’t stress enough,” said Boyd. “It eliminates the hassle and ensures that a portion of my income goes straight into building wealth before I’m tempted to spend it. It’s a seamless way to ensure that wealth is continuously building.”

4. Invest in Knowledge

“Investing in knowledge is a game-changer,” Boyd said. “I can make more educated decisions by staying informed about financial markets, economic trends and investment strategies. This habit of continual learning helps in identifying lucrative opportunities and avoiding potential financial pitfalls.”

5. Review Financial Goals

“Reviewing financial goals regularly is also crucial,” added Boyd. “It helps realign strategies and make necessary adjustments to stay on the path of financial growth. It’s like a periodic health check-up but for finances.”

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