Uber for Flying: 10 Best Private Jet Apps

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Not too long ago, the concept of booking a car service on demand, via a smartphone app, seemed eerily futuristic, but thanks to the rise of Uber and Lyft, this practice is now more common than hailing a cab.

Now, there are few things that you can’t get on demand. In fact, one can even get a private jet by booking it through an app.

These are the top 10 key players in the private jet on demand space.


The name says it all. UberJets allows users to book a jet much like they would an ordinary trip by commercial flight, by enabling them to plug in where they’d like to arrive and depart from. Then just tap and book.


XO offers private jet services between New York and South Florida. Prospective flyers can register now to score up to $1,000 in promo credits on their first flight. Credits expire in 30 days.


By using JetApp, passengers can create their own flight plan and fly to destinations that commercial airlines can’t reach. Like UberJets, users enter where they’d like to depart and arrive.

Wheels Up

Through the Wheels Up app, travelers can explore various private plane options for bookings. They may also sign up for a membership to receive exclusive perks like greater fleet access and concierge services.


Private jet and charter app Flewber has access to more than 9,000 aircraft models and can fly to (and from) 1,900 airports in the U.S, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

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JetASAP links passengers in real-time to over 700 charter operators — and charges no commission to do so.


NetJets allows users to choose between 10 different aircraft types — from light jets to long-range jets. The larger the aircraft, the more flying time one can access.

Sentient Jet

Sentient Jet is a pioneer in the private jet travel space, launching more than 20 years ago. Every flight flown by Sentient is both carbon and emissions neutral, making it a great choice for the passenger who cares about the planet.


iPhone users can download PrivateFly to discover the private jet airport closest to them and choose from over 7,000 aircraft.


LunaJets operates more than 1,000 flights per month. Its specialized service, Luna Charter Group, transports groups of between 20 and 300 passengers.

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