6 Valuable Dimes and How To Spot Them — Is One Worth Close to $4 Million?

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Hunting for rare coins has become a popular hobby over the years, and it can lead to a big payday if you find one that is particularly rare and valuable.

Consider these 6 historic dimes – one variation of which once sold for nearly $4 million.

1873-CC MS65 Arrows Liberty Seated Dime

An estimated 18,791 mintage of the 1873-CC Arrows Liberty Seated Dime was struck at the Carson City Mint. According to the Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) price guide, such a coin in circulated condition is worth between $2,500 and $75,000. But these dimes, in near-perfect and uncirculated condition, can sell for as much as $552,000.

1975 ‘No-S’ Proof Roosevelt Dime

The 1975 “No-S” Proof Dime is valuable for two reasons, according to PCGS. The first: It has no mint mark. The second: The proofing error was possibly deliberately made.

There are believed to be just two of these rare dimes knowingly discovered. One of them sold for $456,000 in 2019.

1796 MS67 Draped Bust Dime

In 1796, the Philadelphia Mint issued 22,135 of these dimes. These coins are unique because they have a small eagle on the reverse. This extremely rare coin can be worth as much as a house. One sold for $372,000 last January, according to PCGS.

1792 MS68 Bust Half Dime (Disme)

In 1793, the Philadelphia Mint manufactured 1,500 pieces of the 1792 MS 68 Bust Half Dime (Disme) — using mostly silver and some copper. It’s believed that only 250 of these dimes are around today. One incredible example of this coin sold at auction for $1,145,625 in 2013.

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1894-S PR66 BM Barber Dime

Issued by the San Francisco Mint, the 1894-S PR66 BM Barber Dime features a reeded edge. Just 24 were minted, and only nine are known to remain. In 2016, one of these rare dimes sold at auction for $1,997,50.

1873-CC MS65 No Arrows Liberty Seated Dime

Another no arrows dime worth a pretty penny is the 1873-CC MS65 No Arrows Liberty Seated Dime. This dime, minted in Carson City (thus the CC designation), also features a reeded edge. About 12,400 of these dimes were made, but it’s believed that only one dime of its kind remains discovered. That coin sold for $3.6 million at auction earlier this year.

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