The 50 Richest and Poorest Celebrity Apprentice Cast Members

See the wealthiest — and least wealthiest — cast members before 'The Celebrity Apprentice' season 15 airs Jan. 2.
  • Belinda Hernandez

    Umm Keshia Williams was the first person fired from the current season of the Celebrity Apprentice and not Kevin Jonas…lol.

  • Denise

    I never followed Nick Jonas when he was with the Jonas brothers, but I’m oddly curious about his dealings since his new reality show, involvment with the apprentice and that really catchy jealous song. *fml

  • Jess PA

    Gary Busey!!!! He’s my spirit animal, I’m bummed he’s still not doing so hot financially.

  • Christina Lavingia

    I can’t believe the -$11 million figure. How could anyone possibly be that far in the hole?