‘The Voice’ Coaches Showdown: Who Earns More?

Jennifer Hudson will join the show for season 13.
  • Happy

    Pharrell is involved in a lot of successful hits, I would imagine he has the most money out of all of them.

    • John Skelly

      Nope Shakira

  • Christina Lavingia

    It’s interesting how he’s just blown up recently. Was Pharrell always producing and writing behind the scenes? Not aware of him singing and appearing in music videos before Blurred Lines or Get Lucky.

    • Racq

      Pharrell has been performing, writing and producing for decades. He was with N.E.R.D. as an artist/producer, he’s done the solo career, he’s a man of many talents

  • Cindy

    Miranda has 18-20mil from just music/songwriting, endorsements and touring. She also has a shoe line, 2 boutiques(The Pink Pistols) and a Bed and Breakfast. The Shelton’s actually have more money than listed. Blake got his main $ from the show since he rarely writes his songs.

    • Elyssa Kirkham

      That’s really interesting! Net worths can be tricky as they are mostly estimated, as personal financial information is private. But I agree that Miranda Lambert seems like a mover and shaker, thanks for pointing that out.

    • Osama

      Perhaps you should look at the charts lol Blake is right up there these days…..


    I read that Levine made $15 million for each Voice season. Grossly overpaid.
    He will never leave. If Blake leaves, the show won’t be the same. He’s naturally funny, Adam tries but is not funny.

  • Peggy

    Something about this show needs to change so that it’s more worth it for the contestants. How many #1 hits have their winners produced? Lengthen the show, give us a chance to actually get to know the top 10 or so contestants vs. cutting several each week, and you might have a “real” winner.

  • Bud

    I am an eighty-one-year old white man raised by grandparents in Louisiana. I am a Pharrell Williams fan! I probably wouldn’t even recognize his music but I recognize a gentleman.

    • Bella4000

      Excellent point. I feel the same, older, white, wouldn’t recgonize his music, but class is without age, race sex, or music genre..

  • bb333

    All those folks…good personalities…..that’s why the show works….Blake is solid

  • ann

    Why should Blake get paid less he is worth more. Christina get off the show can not stand her

    • John Skelly

      It’s because of their music sales. Not their pay for the show. Grow up!

  • John Skelly

    She probably makes more because she’s a better singer than all the guys combined.

  • John Skelly

    Oh I get it the banks are shutting me down