21 Traits of Highly Successful Billionaires Like Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban

  • jasmine

    i could say I have about 10 of these qualities- but def need to work on more to become billionaire status!

    • Wellington W.

      Good one there Jasmine,go for it and you sure can be billionaire status

  • Stephanie Barbaran

    Oprah might be grateful but anyone who launches a magazine and puts herself on the cover every single month sure doesn’t come off as humble. She’s a great businesswoman and TV personality–she doesn’t need the monthly photo shoots…or maybe she does.

  • Amit Ojha

    Nice Article. I could definitely work on some of these.

  • Lisa

    The comments stated may have some truth to them, there is a bit of gray area as well. Not everything that has transpired for one, will for another. Also, if there are those in power who may not want to see a certain people or person make it, it will not happen. Ex. Racial profiling-not all of us perform like Mike Jordan, Tiger Woods, or 2Pac. There are genuine people who are hard workers and talented, but make pennies and struggle. There are prominent people who waste money; that money could be given to regular people to purchase a home or business or feeding their children. Something to think about when someone makes it rain, buys a pair of shoes for 3,000 or buys a home for 5 mill. What good could I do for 10 or more families? Great reality show!
    Signed: unknown talent LT

  • Ambreen Zaman-Riaz

    The article is entertaining but I have to add that there are many talented individuals who possess these qualities in abundance but are carefully ‘sidelined’ because of ethnic, racial or gender biases.

  • Wellington W.

    No matter your status,current situation or living conditions you need to know and believe you make a difference.Whether Worlds Richest,Poorest etc. just do get your self to be content and comfortable..

  • simphiwe

    Great article indeed. It shows that you need to believe in your dreams no matter. Even if you fall never ever loose sight of your vision. And most of all it shows that this people are also ordinary beings who did extra ordinary things because they believed in their dreams. Which simply encourage one to also work hard in achieving our dreams. Thank you for this motivating article.

  • david lewis

    Warren Buffett said it best we are born in the right century by 2030 more rich people will be on the Forbes list being rich is just a mind thing most Americans want fame not wealth the Forbes list has 2000 BILLIONARIES IMAGINE THIE LIST IN 2030….So if you have or develope a strong mind in the 21st century it can be done……


    The idea that once a person is in the realm and tide of financial success like wealth congruent to the billionaires, it’s easier to make more money and affluence. How to be in the current is now for the opting to come.