73 Passive Income Streams for Your Retirement Years

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Once you retire, you’re likely going to be living on a fixed income. Generally, this amounts to some combination of Social Security payments, pension payouts, retirement account withdrawals and/or investments. You won’t be able to rely on earning a salary that would increase every year, nor any year-end bonuses that you might have been used to.

As such, you may have to seek out various forms of passive income in order to keep up with the rate of inflation and ensure that you don’t outlive your nest egg. While some types of passive income are well-known, many other, less-common options can still provide you with the extra income that you need.

To show you the vast array of choices that are available, here’s a list of 73 ways to generate passive income for your retirement years.

  1. Rental Property
  2. Airbnb Rentals
  3. Treasury Bonds
  4. Corporate Bonds
  5. High-Yield Bonds
  6. Commercial Paper
  7. Income-Paying Mutual Funds
  8. Income-Paying ETFs
  9. Dividend-Paying Stocks
  10. Preferred Stocks
  11. Covered Calls
  12. Passive E-Book Revenue
  13. Amazon Affiliate Income
  14. YouTube Advertiser Income
  15. Vending Machines
  16. Music Royalties
  17. Publishing Royalties
  18. Storage Units
  19. Laundromats
  20. Cash-Back Apps
  21. Shopping Portals
  22. Advertising on Car
  23. Endorsements
  24. Sponsorships
  25. Owning Timberland
  26. Garage Sales
  27. Getting a Roommate
  28. Renting Out Backyard Space
  29. Renting Out Your Car
  30. Renting Out Your Clothes
  31. Creating an App
  32. Peer-to-Peer Lending
  33. Microloans
  34. Commercial Real Estate
  35. House Flipping
  36. Focus Groups
  37. Filling Out Online Surveys
  38. Hand Modeling
  39. Voice-Over Acting
  40. Licensing Photos
  41. Licensing Ideas/Concepts/Presentations
  42. Online Tutoring
  43. Online Webinars/Courses
  44. Travel Itinerary Development
  45. Crowdfunding
  46. Selling Subscription Product
  47. Flipping Products
  48. Real Estate Investment Trusts
  49. Renting Out Parking Space
  50. Writing Sponsored Posts on Social Media
  51. Freelance Writing
  52. Annuity
  53. Investing in a Local Business
  54. Social Security
  55. Pension
  56. Pet Sitting
  57. House Sitting
  58. Renting Your Tools
  59. Renting Your Bike
  60. Dropshipping
  61. Creating Digital Products Like NFTs
  62. Renting Out Driveway
  63. Renting Out Storage Space in Your Garage or Basement
  64. Paying off Debt (will reduce interest, like getting income)
  65. Getting Cash-Back Credit Card
  66. Running an Online Membership Community
  67. Donating Plasma
  68. High-Yield Savings Account
  69. Redeeming Credit Card Points
  70. Getting a Reverse Mortgage
  71. Refinancing Your Mortgage
  72. Signing Up for Bank Account Bonuses
  73. Signing Up for Credit Card Rewards
Are You Retirement Ready?

Please note that a few of the options listed above aren’t 100% passive and will require some level of effort or investment on your part, especially to start out. Others may not be replicable from year to year, but can provide you with temporary boosts to your retirement income.

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