RealtyMogul Review 2022: Is Commercial Real Estate Investing for You?

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Quick Take: RealtyMogul is a real estate investing and crowdfunding platform connecting investors to real estate opportunities. A member's options are based on whether they are non-accredited or accredited. The platform has several options, such as individual properties, 1031 private placement investments and real estate investment trusts. While the fees may be high, RealtyMogul takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation, making it easier for investors to find the right opportunities for them.
  • Range of Investment Opportunities
  • Security
  • Variety of Properties
  • Fees
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  • Allows non-accredited investors to dabble in real estate investment trusts
  • High rates of return
  • Has automation features, making the investment process straightforward
  • Due diligence for investment opportunities


  • High investment minimums
  • Limited track record
  • The fee structure varies by investment type and is complicated

RealtyMogul Overview

RealtyMogul is a crowdfunding and real estate investing platform where accredited and non-accredited investors can find commercial real estate opportunities for investment online. The website claims to have offered $4.7 billion worth of property.

Previously, the platform offered high-risk properties, such as hotels, but things have changed. Today, all investment opportunities on RealtyMogul undergo a thorough due diligence process, and the platform vets all sponsors.

A Shift in Business Approach

After losing investors’ money in renovation and hotel acquisition deals, RealtyMogul shifted to opportunities offering more consistent cash flow. An excellent example in this regard is apartment complexes with tenants already occupying all units.

The investments on RealtyMogul come from two sources:

  • Developers who submit deals to the platform. Then, RealtyMogul performs due diligence before approving the investment.
  • The platform also finds investments through real estate veterans on its team.

RealtyMogul currently lists 17 open opportunities for investors and 275 past opportunities.

RealtyMogul Features

RealtyMogul has become insanely popular among real estate investors due to its many features.

What RealtyMogul Offers:

  • Expansive Reach: The platform is trustworthy for investors because it has raised over $800 million and financed properties worth more than $4.7 billion so far. Also, more than 220,000 members are registered on the platform, while nearly 29,000 apartment units have been financed to date.
  • Diversified Portfolio: According to RealtyMogul, investors often overlook the importance of adding commercial real estate to their portfolios. The appropriate allocation of commercial real estate varies based on an individual’s financial goals, income and age. RealtyMogul can help in the process.
  • High Investment Minimum: The lowest minimum for any investment on RealtyMogul is $5,000, although the range varies by the investment type.
  • Auto Invest: RealtyMogul offers auto investment opportunities for investors interested in its real estate investment trusts — also called REITs — namely, RealtyMogul Income REIT and RealtyMogul Apartment Growth REIT. Investors can watch their investments increase every month without having to manage them directly.  

How To Invest With RealtyMogul

RealtyMogul enables investors to invest in different ways, including individual properties and REITs. Both accredited and non-accredited investors can invest, although non-accredited investors are not authorized to invest in standalone deals.


Real estate investment trusts are the key commercial investments on the platform. You can choose to invest in the RealtyMogul Income or RealtyMogul Apartment Growth REIT.

The minimum is $5,000 for either investment, but they have different distribution rates, frequencies and objectives.  

Good To Know

The Apartment Growth REIT is a public, non-traded REIT that invests in apartment buildings, and its primary objective is capital appreciation. It has made 16 consecutive quarterly distributions equal to 4.5% annualized, based on purchase price.

The Income REIT is a public, non-traded REIT that invests in a diverse selection of commercial real estate properties, and its objective is passive income. The REIT’s annualized distribution rate is 6%, and those distributions are made quarterly and have been paid over 65 consecutive months.

Individual Properties

The individual properties on RealtyMogul require you to be an accredited investor, making $200,000 annually — $300,000 jointly for married couples — or having a net worth of at least $1 million.

You can choose from different properties, such as multi-family residences, industrial properties and offices. The investment terms for individual properties are two to seven years.

1031 Exchange Private Placements

A like-kind, or 1031, exchange lets investors defer capital gains tax on the sale of an investment property when they purchase another investment property within the timeframe established by the IRS. The 1031 exchanges on RealtyMogul allow you to invest amounts of $25,000 to $50 million. These investments come with monthly distribution options, although not all properties meet the eligibility criteria.

How Does RealtyMogul Compare to Its Competitors?

Two of the two main competitors of RealtyMogul are Roofstock and DiversyFund. Here is how the three platforms compare:

Features RealtyMogul DiversyFund Roofstock
Minimum Investment $5,000 $500 None
Fees Up to 3% for REITS; individual property investment fees vary by investments 0% 3% or $2,500, whichever is greater, for sellers when deal closes; 0.5% or $500, whichever is greater, for buyers  when offer is accepted
Choice of Investment REITs, single properties, 1031 private placement investments REITs Single-family rental properties

Although RealtyMogul is a good option for non-accredited and accredited investors alike, DiversyFund is better for people who do not want to pay high fees and prefer lower minimum investments.

The downside of the DiversyFund platform is that it only offers REITs while RealtyMogul also has other investment opportunities. Meanwhile, Roofstock is an ideal option for people who want to single-family rentals with monthly returns.

Is RealtyMogul Right For You?

RealtyMogul is definitely a sure-shot way to expand your access to investments. Moreover, the platform lets you diversify your portfolio even if you already invest in real estate because it offers commercial real estate investing.

RealtyMogul is ideal for non-accredited investors wanting to get their hands on public, non-traded real estate investment trusts and accredited investors intending to add private placements to their portfolios.

Another thing that makes RealtyMogul better than its competitors is the wide range of investment opportunities. Even if you do not want to invest in REITs, you can still leverage the potential of individual properties and private placements as long as you qualify for accreditation.

The only thing holding you back may be the high investment minimums. But if you want to earn big, you have to invest big — but not bigger than you can afford to lose.

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