Control Your Expenses and Save Money

The first step in controlling your expenses is actually allowing yourself a small budget for those must have cravings. If you cannot not face the day without your super-charged premium coffee, then don’t do it. Work the total expenses into your budget and if need be, find other ways to compensate for that expense. For example, by bringing in your lunch four out of five days a week, you will save enough money to buy your coffee. Taking the steps to build room for those expenses that you must have into your budget. This will help you feel less deprived and you’ll stand a better chance at sticking to your budgeting goals.

Some ways that you can consider to save you money for when you find yourself tempted to go on a shopping spree are:

  • Spend your time outdoors away from shopping centers; such as hiking, biking, etc.
  • Do a clothing swap with friends – this way you still get to wear something “new” even if you’re not shopping
  • Pick a book that you like and read – this helps to stimulate your mind and take your mind away from money and spending

The key to successful budgeting is planning for the unexpected! If you are able to substitute alternatives to your expenses you can help yourself to save money, for when the time comes – you will have enough money to spend on things that really matter.

Remember, temptation lurks behind every corner and is linked to almost every web page. Whether it is in the form of your morning cup of designer coffee or the latest tech gadgets of the season, everyday presents another challenge to consumers looking to avoid unnecessary expenses.


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