5 Must Have Safety Features for a New Car

New cars come with an assortment of bells and whistles that certainly lure in buyers, but when it comes to your vehicle, safety features should be heavily considered when it comes time to making a purchase.

Here is a list safety features you should pay special attention to:

1. Seat belts

This nifty little device serves will keep both the drivers and passengers in place in case of a collision. That is the single most important feature of a safe car, it is also help people benefit from other safety features in modern cars.

2. Air bags

Air bags have been accredited with saving many lives. Not only are front air bags important, but side-impact air bags should be strongly considered as well. Because of the basic design of cars, there really is not a lot of insulation between a side door and passenger. Side impact collisions are especially deadly, thus a quick reacting side air bag is a safety feature worth the extra money (if not offered as standard equipment from the dealer).

3. Anti-lock braking system

This feature will prevent accidental spin outs or uneven tire spinning. Consider if you are doing the legal limit of 55 and have to slam on the breaks to prevent a collision from happening, anti-lock breaking systems help you stay in control of your vehicle, especially in slippery surfaces. If possible, make sure your system comes with brake assist as well, another safety feature that reduces emergency stopping distances.

4. OnStar or emergency contact equipment

Via a wireless system, OnStar and other emergency contact equipment will allow you to be in touch with an emergency command system (who are available 24/7). If you get into an accident and the airbag is deployed, emergency help is automatically dispersed and can be sent to your location courtesy of GPS, especially if you are trapped and unable to help yourself.

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5. Electronic stability control

The advanced technology of ESC senses tire slip at its earliest stages and automatically cuts back on the throttle and applies the brakes to correct the situation. This can be especially helpful in wet and icy conditions where driving can be especially hazardous.

By arming your new car with the best safety equipment, all you need to do is make sure you’re getting a low auto loan rate and you’re good to go!


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