10 Food Products You Should Buy at the Dollar Store

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Dollar stores like Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are known for their low prices on a variety of items, but they also sell plenty of kitchen staples for far less than more conventional markets or grocery stores. While not everything on their shelves is a worthwhile bargain, plenty of name brands can be purchased for pennies on the dollar and end up saving you big bucks on your monthly food budget.

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To help sort out the best bargains on the best products, here’s a rundown of 10 food products that are worth buying at a nearby dollar store.

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Baking Mixes

A shelf-stable item that’s always helpful to keep on hand, baking mixes for cakes, cookies and other treats can be found at dollar stores. Plenty of name brands are available, and often for steep discounts compared to what grocery stores will charge for the same thing.

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Dollar stores may only carry specific brands for certain products, including bread, but you can save more than 70% on price by buying there. Look for deals with brands like Oroweat, Sara Lee and Thomas’ to help stretch your food dollars farthest, but keep your eye on the expiration dates.

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Those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, look no further than the dollar store for steep discounts on big-name candy lines. This can be especially true around all the holidays that are so synonymous with sugary treats, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or Halloween.

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Coffee Filters

Anyone who goes through a lot of coffee at home can attest that keeping coffee filters on hand is an ongoing struggle. The good news is that places like Dollar Tree or Dollar General will sell you up to twice as many for the same price as a chain grocer. So, you not only get a good deal, you get the peace of mind that your reserve of coffee filters is fully stocked.

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Disposable Baking Pans

While they’re not ideal for every occasion, there are plenty of situations when foil-made disposable pans are the best thing to have on hand when baking. Similar to coffee filters, the dollar store game here is buying in bulk. Assuming you’ve got the space to store them or friends you want to share them with, the cost of these pans can come out to about $1 each.


Food Containers

If you’re looking for more storage space for leftovers, a dollar store outlet is bound to offer plastic containers for up to a third less when compared to a conventional grocery store. They often carry familiar name brands, which you should stick to if possible. At least be aware of the quality of the material used, as less-than-reputable brands have issues not sealing correctly.

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Frozen Food

While frozen entrees aren’t exactly what these discount outlets are known for, their selection does seem to be improving as more locations have started to add refrigerated and frozen sections. Given that these stores tend to exist in food deserts, it’s giving more options to people who live nearby, and doing so at an affordable price.

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Picnic Supplies

If you’re planning a relaxing meal out in a park to soak up some nature, it’s a good idea to stock up on all the supplies you’ll need for a proper picnic. Condiments, which will ideally last past the picnic, typically cost less at a dollar store as well. As will any plastic utensils, napkins or other items you might need to make your picnic a memorable one.

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Most of the seasoning staples you’ll want in your cupboard should be available at the dollar stores, and at a much better value. Often, you’ll be able to pick up two or three times the quantity of various spices for the same price a grocer or specialty store will charge.

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Tote Bags

Everyone needs bags to carry groceries around, and as more people rely on bringing their own, dollar stores can be a great resource when you need to re-up your supply. As is often the case, you can find great deals on tote bags, sometimes in bulk, by buying them from a dollar store.

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