6 Holiday Purchases That You Should Only Make at Costco

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Your Costco membership can help you save year-round, but it can be especially handy during the holiday season. The warehouse club has great deals on food, drinks and supplies for hosting during Christmas and New Year’s, as well as on decor and other seasonal items.

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When shopping for the holidays, buy these six items at Costco for the best deals.

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Liquor, Wine and Champagne

If you’ll be hosting parties this holiday season — or want to stock up on gifts to bring your hosts — be sure to buy any liquor, wine or champagne you may need at Costco.

“Right now, there are many types of hard liquor that are buy two get $6 off, plus magnums and more than a dozen champagne options,” said Marie Clark, Costco shopping expert and founder of CostContessa. “For example, Eternally Silenced Pinot Noir from The Prisoner Wine Company is on sale right now for $15 off, and Costco members can grab it for $25. It’s about $50 a bottle everywhere else.”

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Fireplace Logs

“It’s getting colder and that means fires in the fireplace,” Clark said. “Duraflame logs are a must-buy at Costco. A 6-pound box of four-hour logs (nine logs total) is only $27.”

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Specialty Cheeses and Meats

You can build the perfect charcuterie board for hosting with the specialty meats and cheeses you can find for great prices at Costco.

“Seasonal specialty items at Costco are a must-buy, from Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog cheese to truffle mousse to french butter to crabmeat,” Clark said. “Be sure to check out the specialty aisles to build amazing cheeseboards, entrees and appetizers for less.”

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“If you’re planning to serve cheesecake this holiday season, the Cheesecake Factory Plain Cheesecake at Costco is a steal,” Clark said. “A 4-pound cheesecake is $13 — compare to around $55!”

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Christmas Lights and Decor

“Costco has a great selection of Christmas lights and decor,” said Jake Hill, CEO of the personal finance site DebtHammer. “I have personally bought all of my outside lights and my Christmas tree there. The prices are good, and there is a lot to choose from so you don’t feel limited in your choices.”

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Paper Goods

“Buy your paper napkins, plastic cups, paper plates and toilet paper here,” said Andrei Vasilescu, co-founder and CEO at the coupon and promo code site DontPayFull. “Any consumables you need, you should get them as cheap as possible.”

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