12 Super Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Garage

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Garage looking a little shabby? Trying to upgrade it from a storage graveyard to something actually usable? Upgrades for a garage don’t have to be expensive. Each of these tips won’t cost you a fortune, but will increase how much better your garage looks from the inside and outside, and hopefully will make you and your family a little less afraid to go in. 

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Install Small Heating & Cooling Systems

If you live in a place with extreme temperatures, those conditions will be exaggerated in your garage. This can be hard to bear if you spend time in your garage working. A good way to fix this is to install small heating and cooling systems. Most of the time, your garage doesn’t have a lot of surface area, so a small unit will work just fine. Even a small space heater or fan will go a long way. 

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Get a Security Camera

Home security systems are so commonplace these days that you can definitely buy an affordable one for your garage. Thieves tend to target garages, so it’s especially useful to have a camera in case anything gets stolen. The sight of a camera might also deter criminals from robbing your garage. 

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Put in Sensor Lights

Adding motion sensor lights to the outside of your garage not only brings more light to the area at night, but can deter thieves from robbing your garage or home. The lights can also alert you to when someone is in the driveway, easily letting you know when guests are approaching. It’s especially smart to install solar-powered lights to cut down on electricity use. 

Install Electrical Outlets

Putting in a few electrical outlets makes it easier to use the tools and electronics you need to work in the garage without running a cord inside the house.

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Tile Your Garage

If the floor of your garage has a ton of cracks, or is just overall not great to look at, installing tile can hide the imperfections and brighten up the space. Porcelain and graphite tiles are the most common. Another great thing about having tile in your garage is you won’t see any tire marks on them, keeping the floor of your garage looking pristine for years to come. 

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Paint Your Garage Door

Giving the front of your garage door a fresh coat of paint not only changes the look of your garage, but can improve the appearance of your entire house. Just make sure to prepare the garage door’s surfaces with a thorough cleaning and degreasing. 

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Hang a Pegboard On a Garage Wall

A pegboard can make all the difference in a garage, both for organization and aesthetic reasons. The board offers a place to install hooks and shelves to keep tools and containers neatly put away. Pegboards are easy to install, and usually cost under $100 to purchase. 

Add Cabinets

Another great organization strategy for your garage is to add a row of cabinets that can keep bulkier items out of sight, yet still in a place you’ll remember. Metal cabinets are the best choice for a garage due to their durability. If you don’t want to install a row of cabinets, a standing cabinet is also a good and affordable choice. 

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Hang Bikes On Hooks

Instead of piling bikes on one side, or having them take up a lot of space by leaning them up against each other, install bike hooks to hold them on the wall. This will keep them out of the walkways and also preserve the condition of your bikes. 

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Install Wall & Parking Guards

These are especially helpful if you park in your garage. Wall guards help prevent dents and scratches in your cars’ paint. These guards are usually pretty easy to install and don’t cost very much.

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Put Weather Stripping On Your Garage Door

Often, garage doors will have some space between the bottom and the ground. This can make the garage extremely hot or cold, depending on the season. It can also cause flooding in the garage if there was a lot of rain. Adding weather stripping is cheap, and can prevent huge changes in temperature while protecting your garage from extreme climate effects. 

Buy a Dehumidifier 

The garage can become a very moist place, leading to mold. Having a dehumidifier in the garage can regulate the temperature and moisture, protecting the structure in the process. 

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