IKEA Pet Furniture, Dog Facials and More Ways to Splurge on Your Furry Friends

How much would you spend to pamper your pet?

Having a pet can be a major expense, with first-year cost estimates of owning a dog reaching as high as $7,600 — and that’s just for the basics. Still, that doesn’t stop people from spoiling their animal companions with lavish pampering, specialized hotels and fancy furniture.

In 2016, people spent over $66 billion on their pets — a $6 billion increase from the previous year, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Feeding into pet owners’ proclivity for spending, Swedish furniture giant IKEA launched a line of furniture specifically designed for cats and dogs. Here’s everything to know about the line, plus other crazy ways people spend on their pets.

Designer Pet Furniture

IKEA’s just-launched LURVIG pet product line was designed to help dog and cat owners better enjoy their time at home with their four-legged friends, according to the company’s website. Products in the line include a $50 fold-out cat/dog bed, a $55 cat house and a $20 blanket.

IKEA’s prices are actually quite reasonable compared to more high-end pet furniture. Online retailer The Posh Puppy Boutique, for example, sells microvelvet pet sofas for $300, luxury loungers for nearly $1,400 and “pet suites” for over $1,000.

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Yes, people are actually buying entire houses to better their pets’ lives. According to a survey conducted by SunTrust Mortgage, a third of millennial-aged Americans who purchased their first home said that wanting to have a better space or yard for a dog influenced their decision to buy.

Having more space for a dog was the No. 3 reason millennials cited for buying their home, putting it ahead of marriage and the birth of a child. (More living space and building equity ranked higher.)

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Luxury Pet Hotels

For those who don’t want to board their dog at a regular daycare or kennel, there are now 5-star pet hotels cropping up across the country.

One such venue is D Pet Hotels, which has five locations nationwide. At its Chelsea, N.Y., location, the luxury dog hotel offers three levels of lavish accommodations, going up to an “uber suite” that includes a full-size bed and flat-screen TV. Rooms cost up to $200 per night, reports CNBC.

Spa Treatments

Some groomers now offer spa treatments that go beyond the normal wash and trim. Pussy & Pooch, which has three locations in Southern California, offers three types of mud masques as well as a nutrient deep conditioning masque to fully pamper your pooch. Treatment prices range from $25 to $45.

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