Your Playful Pup Will Love This Easy DIY Pet Toy

Try this fun DIY project to make your pooch (and wallet) happy.

Any pet parent knows how day-to-day costs can pile up — especially if you have an active pup that destroys expensive pet toys within minutes. Instead of watching Fido shred your hard-earned cash, create your own cheap but fun pet toys by repurposing clutter from around the house.

Keep reading for a low-cost, do-it-yourself solution to your fur baby’s boundless energy — after all, you’ll need all the breaks you can get.

DIY T-Shirt Dog Toy

For supplies, all you require is a T-shirt, a tennis ball and scissors. Use any old T-shirt — it’s free, and your dog will love anything with your scent on it. You can pick up a three-pack of Wilson Championship Extra-Duty Tennis Balls for $2.17 at Walmart.


1. Spread your T-shirt on a flat surface. Starting below the sleeves, cut away two horizontal sections of fabric. You should end up with two wide “loops” of T-shirt material.

2. Take a T-shirt loop and cut through one side to create a long strip of fabric. Repeat with the other loop.

3. Lay the first fabric strip horizontally on a flat surface. Arrange the second fabric strip perpendicularly on top of the first one to make a cross shape, then place the tennis ball in the middle of the cross section.

4. Fold the left arm of the “cross” over the tennis ball, like closing a book. Then, pull the remaining “arms” in the same direction so that all ends of the fabric strips are aligned. To secure the fabric in place, cut another small strip from your T-shirt and knot it around the larger strips at the base of the tennis ball.

5. Cut the end of each fabric strip vertically into three smaller strips, then plait each section to create four braids. Make sure to secure the end of every braid with a knot.

And you’re done! Watch fondly as your pooch entertains himself with his newest toy.

Average cost per toy: 73 cents

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