Totally Doable Money Goals That Will Help You Travel More in 2019

This travel pro has the key to affording adventure.

It is common to make New Year’s resolutions. It is also common to break most of them by the end of January. So, why not make realistic goals instead, ones that will help you travel to dream destinations in 2019?

I set money goals to help reach my travel goals in 2018 and plan to expand them in 2019. Follow these tips to make checking off your travel bucket list a reality. Trust me, they really work.

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Evaluate Your Current Expenses and Make Necessary Changes

Sometimes it’s hard to determine where most of your money goes. You might think most of your paycheck went towards a pricey item of clothing you splurged on — when, in reality, the bulk of it went towards your daily coffee habit. Track your expenses for one month, and start today. Mint is a great app to help you manage your money.

Remember, even if something is just a few dollars, if you save that money instead of spending it, a few dollars every month can eventually add up to a flight somewhere. Make 2019 about cutting out expenses that you can truly live without.

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Be Flexible With Travel Dates

You might have your dream trip planned down to the very dates — don’t. You’ll most likely find the best prices for the destination you want to travel to on dates you didn’t anticipate. Set alerts on your favorite travel sites, keep an eye out for when prices are at their lowest and work around those dates.

This flexibility also helps you avoid peak travel dates, meaning the time when hotels and activity prices are at their highest.

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Don’t Forget Your Close-to-Home Bucket List Trips

Though international trips are the most hyped up and the most Instagrammed, don’t forget about the shorter, less expensive wonders that are close to home. If a long vacation is out of the picture at the moment, take a weekend trip close by. Research places near you that you’ve never been and set out for an adventure. Even if it’s a small town that doesn’t have much, I bet you’ll find a lot more than you thought you would. Let’s face it, whether it’s near or far, exploring a new place is always great.

Make a Travel Fund — Simple as That

Do you want to travel more in 2019? Put in work and make an effort. If you can be disciplined about it, a travel fund is the easiest way to solve the issue. Plan to take out a portion of your salary every month to put in a savings account or an out-of-sight piggy bank. The key here is to practice self-control and only touch this sacred savings for an adventure.

Wishing you a year full of travel and savings!

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