The Most Expensive and Rarest Squishmallows Ever Sold

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Squishmallows from Kellytoy may be the perfect gift, toy and collectible. They are cute, squeezable, and, if you happen to have any of these ultra-rare Squishmallows, they could be worth some hefty cash on auction sites.

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The stuffed toys released in 2017 and quickly became the Beanie Babies of the new millennium. Today, the rarest Squishmallow ranges in price from $1,399 to roughly $2,000.

10 Most Expensive and Rarest Squishmallows

Read on to find the rarest and most expensive Squishmallows and what makes them so adorable — and expensive.

1. Jack the Black Cat

Jack the Black Cat is one of the rarest Squishmallows whose price can range from $1,399 on eBay up to $2,000 — or even more. He was the first limited edition Squishmallow sold through the Kellytoys website, with only 500 of this smiling kitty available. Who says black cats are bad luck? You’d be pretty lucky to have one of these in your playroom.

2. Fania the Purple Owl

Fania the Purple Owl sold at auction for $2,999. But this nocturnal avian may have had her day in the sun, or moonlight, in 2020, because now she’s back and retailing for just $27.90 at Walmart. This spotted owl sports a crown, and as the most expensive Squishmallow ever sold, according to Txantiquemall.com, she deserves it.

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3. Ultra Rare Founders Cat

Who wouldn’t love a calico cat wearing a suit and tie? Plus, this cat is ultra-rare and hard to find. When he was released, you could only purchase him if you found a Founder’s Redemption Card in your Squishmallows trading card pack. Now, you can buy him on eBay for $1,250.

4. Axolotl Archie

Axolotls are adorable, whether they are the real life sea creature or the plush version. That’s why Axolotl Archie, part of the Axolotl series launched in 2020 and 2021, makes this list. Sellers on eBay are currently asking $1,500 for a pre-owned Archie. But you’d be better off grabbing a 24-inch version for $199 at Toynk.com or, better yet, go to Amazon and grab one half the size for just $36.99.

5. Golden Hans

No, this cute little hedgehog has nothing to do with the iconic Star Wars character. But — like Star Wars memorabilia — he’s commanding top dollar. Golden Han is selling for $240 on Amazon and listing for $69 and up on eBay. That doesn’t make him one of the priciest Squishmallows but he’s pretty rare as only 3,000 of this dapper lad were made. With his top hat and bow tie, he is also one of the most distinguished gentlemen of Squishmallows, and that makes him extra lovable.  

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6. Phillippe the Frog

Phillippe is part of the Valentine Squad and is classified as a “rare” Squishmallow by Toynk.com. Satiny pink hearts on his cheeks and a sweet smile make Phillippe highly coveted. Phillippe has sold for as much as $999, according to TXAuctionmall.com.

But you may be able to snag a pre-owned version of Phillippe for as little as $115 on eBay.

7. Blossom the Lamb

Blossom the Lamb, part of the Easter Squad, reportedly sold for $400. She’s listed on eBay now for $225 pre-owned. Blossom sold for just a short time at the now-closed girl’s clothing store Justice in 2018, which makes her hard to herd now.

8. Avery the Duck

Avery the Duck is another Squishmallow classified as “rare” by the company and collectors, alike. This mallard duck went for $499 at auction and is available on eBay now for $249. He comes in two versions, with the new Canadian exclusive having brown fur and a darker belly, as opposed to the original Easter Squad version who had a cocoa brown body and tan belly.

9. Stacy the Squid

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Stacy the Squid is making a splash on TikTok right now. Stacy’s bio identifies her as being “shy” and avoiding crowds, which many people interpreted to mean that she has social anxiety. Many teens and young adults on TikTok and Reddit are discussing the best ways to help her manage it. Some keep her separate from the other squishes, while others choose to introduce new Squishmallows to Stacy slowly. Another Redditor says she keeps her surrounded by her Sea Life Squad pals so she has a “cushion” from any new squishes.

Stacy is not considered a “rare” release, but is unique because she exemplifies the company addressing issues many young people today face. Because of her popularity, her price is rising and the 5″ version is selling for $29 and up on Amazon. She also has sold at auction for $400.

10. Hocus Pocus Squishmallows

The Squishmallows designed from the Disney classic Halloween movie were first introduced last year and retailed for $99 for all three Sanderson sisters: Winnie, Sarah and Mary. With the release of Hocus Pocus 2, these squishes are certain to be highly coveted, top sellers in 2022. So if you see them, you may want to snag the whole set before their price starts rising like the other Squishmallows on this list.

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Final Take

Whether you want to collect these toys for their re-sale value, to show them off on TikTok or just to hug, there are so many reasons to love Squishmallows. Buy the ones you like and, if you’re interested in collecting, keep the tags on to maximize their value.

Squishmallows FAQ

  • What are the top three rarest Squishmallows?
    • Most Squishmallows are not actually rare but become hard-to-get based on consumer demand. Kellytoys does, however, release some truly limited edition plushies. Among them are Jack the Black Cat, with only 500 made; Founder's Cat, which is a limited edition of just 250 and also requires a redemption card to purchase; and Avery the Duck, released in 2021. Avery is considered "rare" in that only 75,000 exist. But as a member of the elite Farm Squad, featuring only six Squishmallows, he's also highly coveted.
  • What is the most wanted Squishmallow?
    • The most wanted Squishmallow will depend on your preference and predilection for certain animals or sizes. But if you're seeking Squishmallows for their investment value, look for deals on plushies that are classified as:
      • Rare -- only 75,000 in existence
      • Ultra rare -- only 50,000 made
      • Special edition -- only 20,000 exist
      • Select series -- sold only on the Squishmallows.com site
  • What is the most bought Squishmallow?
    • The rare Squishmallows on this list are also considered some of the most popular and best-selling stuffed animals. Axolotl Archie is listed in many places as one of the best-selling Squishmallows, but Kellytoys doesn't seem to share any sales figures for their hottest products. Overall, Kellytoys had revenue of $57.89 million in 2021, with a large portion of that presumably coming from Squishmallows.
  • What is the oldest Squishmallow?
    • Cam the Calico Cat was the first Squishmallow ever released. Cam was first introduced in 2017 along with seven of his Squad friends and is still available today. Although Cam is the oldest Squishmallow, he's not exceptionally rare and, therefore, doesn't command a high price on the re-seller market. But just because you can grab him for $20 on Amazon doesn't make him any less adorable.

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