Worst Fees in America — And How to Avoid Them

Avoid these annoying fees and save.
  • Frank

    The worst fee I have come across is by Publishers Clearing House. The products and gadgets they sell are reasonable priced but their “shipping,handling and PROSSESING fee ” is rediculouse and add nearly 50% to the cost!

  • Blahblahblacksheep

    I’m actually shocked that of course anyone would pay any of these fees and that these places are not only still in business but making tons of money especially the banks! I thought people knew not to pay fees when they can easily avoid them certainly almost all the time at least. I suppose maybe an ATM fee in case of an emergency or something but of course if that’s the case people need to find a place like mine….if there are any ATM fees or the like they just automatically pay them. I love my place! Actually you don’t need to pay an activation fee on your phone if you do it yourself. And I had no idea places charged for some things that I find ridiculous like if you use a teller. But then I can’t believe anyone would go thru the hassle of going inside then waiting waiting waiting for withdraw any money with a teller at all instead of just using an ATM. It’s been so long since I’ve been inside I didn’t think places still had tellers! Ok that’s a bit of a stretch but only the part about places still having tellers! Not the part about how long it’s been since I’ve been inside. I’ve even cashed checks for others using my ATM but only things such as paychecks or their Social Security checks. As long as they do NOT SIGN THEM! Something most people don’t realize……I also never sign any check written to me that isn’t directly deposited and make sure anyone else doesn’t sign a check I deposit in my accounts as well. Don’t believe me? Send me a check and I’ll prove it! HAHAHA!! But I seriously never sign them. I sign one check a month and it’s the only one I ever write and that’s for rent.