17 Celebrities Convicted for Tax Evasion

These celebs were in hot water with the tax man.
  • Buffalo Bill

    Who is #8, The Black woman with the black hat and her arms outstretched?
    Who are #’s 4 and 12? And why doesn’t this story give a brief synopsis of what charges or area of fault these people were in?
    And finally WHY O WHY is the handsome actor holding onto the skanky grim reaper/ scarecrow/ false baseball under the skin implanted/downright nasty herpes infested prostitute? This guy could do way better , way better. How could anyone with even limited vision couple up with this bony mess?
    Sorry I have vowed to be a better man but sometimes I lose it when confronted with such extreme craziness.
    Yes I am at fault for speaking such negative things and I am sorry but I believe somebody should shout the obvious. The Emperor has no clothes!
    Am I the 1st to call this skank out as being a super skank? UGH


    What about Al Sharpton? Oh, that’s right, he got a pass from Obama.