Most (and Least) Expensive States to Own a Car

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How Much Money Should You Dump Into Your Car Before Getting a New Auto Loan?

Here’s How Much a $33,865 Car Today Would Cost in the Year You Were Born

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  • TJAW1776

    Living in both Florida and North Carolina, I am aware that North Carolina charges property taxes each year on the value of the car. This is a significant cost and I am not sure if the author included this in the calculation.

  • David Brusiee

    My cars last me over 20 years with minor maintenance. Yes I live in CA where the real costs are very low due to the mild climate. I was born and raised in MI where you could literally watch your car rust out due to salt put on the roads in the winter.

  • bookon

    It costs A LOT to register a car in NH, did they factor that in?

  • Yeah, I’m not flipping through fifty pages. Just give me a list. 🙁

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