American Express Apply With Confidence Tool: What Is It and How Does It Work?

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Two challenges when searching for a new credit card are not knowing whether you qualify and how applying will impact your credit score. With the American Express Apply With Confidence tool, you can find out if you’re eligible for an American Express card without any impact on your credit score and you can get matched with a personalized set of card offers if approved. This quick guide explains how to use this helpful tool.

What Is the American Express Apply With Confidence Tool?

The Apply With Confidence tool enables those who aren’t yet American Express card members to determine eligibility for multiple American Express Cards with one pre-qualification application and no credit score impact. It can save you the frustration of deciding which card you might best qualify for without the worry that your credit score could take a hit if you’re not approved.

How To Use the Apply With Confidence Tool

If you aren’t yet an American Express card member, use these steps to pre-qualify:

  1. Go to the credit card section of the American Express website.
  2. Click “Check for Offers.”
  3. Fill out the application, including your name, home address, the last four digits of your social security number and income information.
  4. Click “View My Card Offers.” If you qualify, you’ll receive one or more card offers.

Does American Express Do a Hard Credit Pull if an Application Is Denied?

American Express doesn’t do a hard credit pull if your application is denied using the Apply With Confidence tool. However, accepting a card offer and opening the account may impact your credit score.

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Is It Hard To Get Accepted for an American Express Card?

American Express considers several factors to determine creditworthiness for card approval or denial, so the difficulty of acceptance will vary by the applicant. However, with the Apply With Confidence tool, it isn’t hard to quickly determine if you qualify. 

What Is the Minimum Credit Score Requirement for an American Express Card?

American Express doesn’t publish credit score requirements. However, you may need a minimum credit score of 670 and must meet other requirements to qualify. Also, not all cards have the same requirements. So meeting a minimum credit score requirement doesn’t guarantee acceptance.

What Is the Easiest American Express Card To Get Approved For?

Since American Express doesn’t publish card requirements, there is no definitive way to determine which card is easiest to get. But you can expect that the cards that offer better rewards, perks and welcome offers are also the ones with stricter requirements.


The American Express Apply With Confidence tool takes the guesswork out of determining which cards you may or may not qualify for and removes the worry of taking a credit score hit if denied. Before accepting a card offer, carefully review each card’s terms and conditions and any welcome bonuses.

Even though you don’t need to know your credit score to apply for an American Express card, knowing your credit score and monitoring your credit report is beneficial. Regular monitoring can make it easier to spot potential fraud and notice if your credit score is moving in the wrong direction. 

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