All You Need to Know About Bonds

Just because paper savings bonds ended in 2012, that doesn’t mean you can’t still reap the benefits of savings bonds. In an effort to save money by reducing paper products, the government made the digital switch. This not only helps consumers earn money with the old-fashioned investment strategy, but it also eliminates the risk of losing the bonds in a fire, flood or robbery.

You can still redeem your paper bonds from local and national financial institutions, but all purchases of new bonds will be in digital format.

Savings Bonds

On GOBankingRates, you can learn more about savings bonds from helpful articles like:

  • Are Savings Bonds Taxed?
  • How to Maximize the Benefit of a Savings Bond
  • How to Track Savings Bonds Daily
  • Penalties of Cashing Out Savings Bonds Early

Learn the different series of bonds being issued (for example, E, EE, HH, I, etc.) and how each one differs. GOBankingRates can give you all the information you need to understand savings bonds, choose the bond the will best help you achieve your financial goals and where to go to purchase them.

Comparison Tools

With so many great articles at your disposal, you’ll be able to better understand not only savings bonds but a wide range of financial products and services available at banks and credit unions near you.

GOBankingRates even provides comparisons of interest rates on loans, accounts and investments, plus exhaustive breakdowns of the most common — and even obscure — financial questions. Start browsing GOBankingRates today to see how the site can help you move forward.

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