Best Place to Purchase Bonds

Investing in bonds is a conservative yet intelligent strategy for flushing out the potential of an investment portfolio. This non-marketable commodity is a safe and secure way to maintain the principal as well as guarantee a return on your investment.

One of the best places to buy bonds is through a reputable financial agency or source. Bonds can be bought through a bond broker, however they may require a substantial investment to even consider handling an investor’s transaction. Additionally, they may have extra charges in order to handle the transaction.

Your local bank may be able to handle Treasury transactions as a courtesy to their customers, and may be one of the best resources to purchase bonds. If they don’t, they may offer a mutual fund composed solely of Government Issue savings bonds. This would automatically give you investments in a number of bond properties.

However, the best place for bond purchasing is directly through the US Treasury. Treasure Direct is a website created by the Bureau of the Public Debt. Through this website, investors can purchase bonds for as little as $25 up to the maximum allowance of $5000 in annual purchases per social security number. Additionally, this service has no additional fees or charges hidden in the transactions. They should be able to provide you with detailed information about the products (such as maturity dates and interest rate) and make you feel 100% comfortable with your investment choice.

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