35 Retirement Planning Mistakes That Waste Your Money

Making these common retirement planning mistakes will cost you.
  • Harry

    The key is to start saving/investing early in life and be consistent (save with every paycheck). Taking advantage of a matching 401k plan should be a no brainer. The power of compounding is lost on many people. Also maxing out contributions when possible, eliminating debt, avoiding risks with your nest egg, planning for multiple streams of income once retired (social security, pensions, dividends, part time work, etc.) and making catch up contributions once you reach 50 should all be part of everyone’s plan. And work at staying healthy to reduce illness, injuries and medical costs. I recently found the site Retirement And Good Living which provides information on all these issues as well as many other retirement topics and also has several retirement and health calculators.

    • mike gunter

      Well no shit harry but how many kids today do this? Then you have a socialist muslim fraud running the country giving everything away to the muslims and ILLEGALS. You save and he takes it. You bettter hide it. He is trying to get it right now.

  • mike gunter

    How cn you say not to take your retirment ssi early when you are telling us it might not be there in 10 or so years? You speak with forked tongue. My advice is start drawing it at the earliest age. 62 for most and work part time if you can. If you have to psay some back at least you are getting some of it untill 66 then you can work and not give anything back and collect it IF it is still there. I doubt anything will be there when the socialist muslim fraud liar in the white house is finished!

    • Missy

      You are as ignorant as your comments. Social Security was in trouble well before President Obama got into office. But a racist like you can never really understand politics or have common sense.

  • Patricia Browne

    If Social Security is not going to be there in 10-20 years then why is the government still taking it out of the working people’s checks? Social Security isn’t a government handout we paid into it all our working lives. Once again the government mismanaging the working class people’s money & what can a person do about it. Can you stop them from taking social security out of your pay checks? If not, why? Why should people pay for social security now when it’s being said the money won’t be there?

  • AJ


  • AJ

    Hey Mr. Gunter couldn’t have said it better myself.