Are You a Financial Nerd, Geek, Dweeb or Dork?


nerdThe financial nerd is someone who has used his or her intelligence to make smart decisions about money and become wealthy. The financial nerd works hard and may even scrimp and save to reach a certain goal. However, as with nerds of many stripes, revenge upon others is desired.A financial nerd feels the need to make sure everyone else realizes just how wealthy he or she is–especially those who may have maligned the nerd in the past. For a financial nerd, money is not just about having what you need and/or want; it’s a status thing. A financial nerd believes that superior intelligence, combined with superior wealth, makes a superior human being.

You can recognize a financial nerd by his or her flashy lifestyle, and a tendency to make references to expensive things bought recently.

geekWe all want to be geeks these days, and this is true with finances. The financial geek is smart with finances, willing to work hard, but also interested in making sure that his or her money does some of the heavy lifting as well. A financial geek wants to save money and live frugally, but also knows that spending on a few pleasures is acceptable.A financial geek knows (or is learning about) how money works, and takes advantage of this knowledge. The financial geek does not flaunt his or her money, but friends and family know that the geek is a great resource. You can recognize a financial geek by his or her personal finance blog.
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The classic know-it-all, the financial dweeb claims to know a great deal about finances (and other topics besides). However, in spite of all the financial dweeb’s vaunted knowledge, he or she can’t seem to get ahead.A financial dweeb knows facts about money, but does not understand how money actually works. The financial dweeb is all about penny pinching, sometimes in ways that cause other people to refer to him or her as “cheap.” You can recognize a financial dweeb by the cheap and inappropriate gifts he or she gives, as well as the constant bragging about how he or she saved a dollar or two on a recent purchase.
A financial dork sits in the basement, following every move of the financial markets, plotting trend lines and using “advanced” systems of analysis to make forecasts. The financial dork knows all about prospecti, supply issues in emerging markets and the latest forex trading robot, but is a little less knowledgeable about acceptable dinner conversation.Do not ask this person about how he or she is doing unless you want a blow-by-blow of ticker ABC’s performance this past week. You can recognize a financial dork as the person handing out “hot” investment tips and regaling others with stories of his or her trading prowess. Under no circumstances should you act on a “hot tip” from a financial dork.


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