10 Tiny Homes You Can Actually Afford

  • Maggie2015

    Unless these are weekend getaways, they are ridiculous. Tiny homes are a stupid fad. You can buy a used manufactured home for about the same price with at least twice the square footage.

    • Jay

      I agree, they are a fad. My thought after watching most episodes about tiny house living on tv, is that a small mobile home would work just as well, and offer more storage, and a ground floor bedroom, that most of us older folk’s would find much easier to access as we age.

  • serenity now

    To each his own but, frankly, they resemble small play houses you place in the yard for your children to use as a make-believe house.

  • Jackie

    I can see where a tiny house might make sense for a young couple, but seniors? Let’s just say they have a long way to go before these are appropriate for seniors. Many seniors couldn’t even get through the front door of most of these houses, let alone take a decent bath or clean behind the toilet. Can you picture an old person climbing into one of those lofts to sleep? And how about those multiple, middle of the night trips to the bathroom? Please.

  • applecreeker

    Where in this country would a “Tiny House” be legal and meet the building codes or space requirements for a neighborhood HOA? You would have to put these houses on a farm or commercial trailer park to meet the codes. A well and septic can cost $25-50,000 alone and hookups for city water and sewer can be similar. These homes are priced by manufacturing costs, not real-world turn-key finished and ready to move in prices. They are deceptive and unrealistic.