Auto Broker Basics

Auto loan brokers are individuals or companies that take on the job of contacting lending companies to help find you the cheapest interest rates and loan fees. They take on negotiating responsibilities to make financing easier for you, which is why many car buyers swear by them. You may too. So let’s learn a little more about them.

The job of a brokerage is to compare prices of banks and lending companies to help you find the cheapest interest rates and loan fees.

In addition, they can assist you with conducting following:

Encumbrance checks to make sure there are no outstanding loans left against the car from the prior owner.

Title checks to confirm the owner of the car you’re buying.

How Do I Know I’m Working with A Reputable Broker?

  The following checklist should help you determine whether you’re working with a reputable broker:

Find out how long they’ve been in operation. Like any other business, the more years they’ve been in service, the more likely they are to know about getting you the best deal possible.

See if others have heard of them. Again, you’re looking for a good reputation here. So if you’ve found a broker that you’re thinking about working with, ask around to see if others know who they are.

Are they accredited through numerous banks and lenders? This is probably the most important way to determine their reputation. If they have tons of banks and lending companies they work through, they are probably trustworthy. Not to mention, the more institutions they work with, the more chances you have of finding the lowest rates.

Save for Your Future

Do they charge additional fees? If the answer is yes, you should probably walk away. Auto loan brokers get paid through the financial institutions they work with, so you shouldn’t be charged anything aside from the interest rates and additional costs associated with the vehicle.

For many car buyers, working with auto loan brokers is vital to a successful financing experience. However, others will prefer to do their own research and find the best deals they can on their own. The choice is up to you. But make sure you are informed on the best options possible.


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