See How Much It Costs to Run Disneyland for Just One Day

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Disneyland is deemed the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but happiness doesn’t pay the electricity bill. Disney parks and resorts are rumored to be the priciest theme park tickets around the globe. These facts might not surprise you, but what might surprise you is how much of that revenue is later used to bankroll the insane costs of operating Disneyland.

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Paying Employees

It takes a small army to operate Disneyland. With 23,000 cast members and 200,000 employees total — 3,000 to 6,000 of them are staffed on any given day and many reported that they make $10 to $12 per hour. Disney could be shelling out an estimated $396,000 per day to pay their peeps.

Roller Coasters

Amusement parks cost a lot of money and the cost to maintain roller coasters is a huge part of that. With 88 attractions — the daily payout for Disneyland’s ride safety would come to around $7,424 per day, which all things considered, is a small price to pay for Disneyland.

Custodial Crew

It takes a crew of over 600 employees to handle the garbage that millions of visitors inflict on a daily basis. Even though the job description isn’t a fun one — repainting handrails, scraping gum off of sidewalks or mopping puke — custodial workers make an estimated $10 to $11 per hour.

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Disneyland Daily Operating Cost: $3.25 Million

The Walt Disney Company has a lot of parks and properties to pay attention to. The company is said to spend $10.68 billion every single year to keep things open and functional. If you were to split that evenly, each park would cost roughly $3.25 million per day to stay open — which makes your Disney ticket price seem like small potatoes in comparison.

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